Almost every major company is integrating AI into their apps and services, and Google is also testing many things to improve their products. Meanwhile, Microsoft, Google’s biggest competitor, has integrated AI into almost all its products and is gradually rolling it out to the general public. However, Google’s AI doesn’t seem as polished as its competitors’ AI.

Recently, YouTube also announced plans to integrate AI and increase the price of YouTube Premium. They have also rolled out several new updates to improve the user experience. YouTube is also focusing on creators, as we have seen that they have reduced the minimum requirements for monetization on the platform.

YouTube will now be integrating AI that will provide you with summaries of YouTube videos, and the company has already started testing this feature in beta. You will see on the company’s Support page that, for now, only these summaries are supported in the English language. These summaries will be designed to give viewers an idea of the video before it starts. It has yet to be made clear when YouTube will start rolling out this feature in the stable version, and it is also unclear whether creators will be able to include summaries themselves.

Not all users can join this feature’s beta version, as it can only be tested with a limited group of viewers, and there is no specific country for this feature yet. YouTube will definitely use Google’s AI model, and this feature is similar to the content generated in Google Search. This will generate a lot of content, and a disclaimer will be written underneath the video’s summary so that users can understand it.

The AI-Powered Video Summary feature will be available on both the Watch and Search pages. If you want to check if you can enroll in this feature, you will first need YouTube Premium. Then, you can go to and check if the feature is available. YouTube frequently tests many features, such as the recent Media Playback test.

If you want to use this feature, you can also use a Chrome Extension to take notes on YouTube video summaries. The underlying technology used is ChatGPT. You can download Chrome Extensions such as Eightify, Glarity, YouTube Summary with ChatGPT, Upword, ChatGPT: Summarise Everything, VidSummize, YouTube Digest, Rio, and many more. You can choose the extension according to your preferences and use the YouTube AI-powered summary feature.

This feature could be very helpful if YouTube launches it for everyone soon, especially for people who want to know whether a video contains information worth their time. YouTube Video Summarise is a conventional feature and can be very helpful for students who study through video lectures. Additionally, you can use the extension to use this feature, but the native feature could be better.