In today’s digital world, we experience many new things, but one thing that will never be replaced is Twitter. It is not a typical social media application, and many creators create trust. But after a relationship for several years, Twitter now offers a second option. This is because, after a long time, the universe understands what is happening in the world differently. You guessed right; here, I refer to “Threads by Instagram”.

The Meta app amazed even Musk (Twitter’s owner) with 70 million sign-ups within 48 hours. Meta had no plans to release Threads, but it will come. I am sure you have already signed up for Threads and used it. After all, it feels more like Instagram. But listen to one thing: even though it is from Meta, numerous users wonder how to use Threads without worrying about privacy. So here, I will guide you on how to do so.

How to Use Threads Without Worrying About Privacy

Meta has a wide range of products, some created and some acquired. One of the notable apps on that list is Instagram. And Thread is based on Instagram, but the features are identical to Twitter’s. Thread is part of Instagram, so users can use their Instagram username and password to access it. If we talk about Threads working, there is nothing revolutionary except the following concept: However, a few of Instagram’s legacy features are also incorporated into Thread.

Even though it is an associate service from Instagram, switching to such an innovative app raises a question: Does this app collect user data? If so, what is it? For this, we looked at numerous sources. We found on the Google Play Store that the Threads app collects app usage data, calendar events, in-app search history, voice recordings, web browsing activities, music, photos, videos, SMS, in-app conversations, and bank details. After knowing that, you might wonder what Meta does with this data.

Financial infoSearch history
Health and fitnessBrowsing history
LocationUsage data
Contact infoSensitive info
User content like images, videos and moreOther data

The simple answer is that Meta uses this data to provide a better user experience. However, bank details play no role, but giving the user a protected layer matters a lot. Meanwhile, even when using Threads, we face several risks and challenges. It would be helpful if you could understand that some involve misusing your sexual information, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and pregnancy status. To cope with these risks, we share the most effective tips for managing threads responsibly.

Optimise Privacy Settings

The Threads app has the same settings as Twitter to keep your account safe and secure. Privacy Settings are enabled by default, but only to a certain extent. Knowing that Meta uses your data, it becomes more worrying to use such an app. But do not worry; there are multiple hacks to reduce such risks. Optimising or adjusting Privacy Settings according to your own needs. Head to the Threads app settings and tweak privacy settings.

Avoid sharing sensitive data.

Being accustomed to such apps, you might disclose your personal or sensitive data with the app. But I recommend you not distribute it. Unless the app is established on the market or there is any clarification on privacy by the developers, do not get too familiar with this app. Because once you share data with this company, it can’t be revoked or deleted. So, a second pro tip, do not share sensitive data here.

Use secure inter-thread channels.

While communicating within the Thread app, try special, secured pipes to communicate things. As a general rule, hackers use these options to steal user data. It’s up to you which message queues or similar things to implement. But when you use such devices, there is no limit to your sharing without worry. Your confidence in using Threads will increase; you are connected to an encrypted channel to share data properly and risk-free.

Allow Thread Minimum Required Permissions

People give all permissions to any app without knowing what it asks for. But with Threads, note one thing, even if it’s part of Instagram. The thing is not to trust this app for now and grant it the required permission. Otherwise, you may lose your data or become a target for hackers. So, as a pro tip, consider allowing such permission to the Thread app. This is highly needed; without it, you can’t use Thread.

Limit Your Data Sharing.

In most cases, the problem arises when the user is so familiar with the app that he divulges everything there, like everyday moments and similar things. But since Threads is an in-development product with the Meta code behind it, we do not disclose everything initially. Or, to be more precise, share the data that needs to be shared. Do not share data there. Meanwhile, limiting data sharing can reduce privacy risks.

Conclusively, Threads by Instagram is an innovative app people support; after all, they are disappointed with Twitter’s last few decisions. But even Threads has fewer limitations than Threads, so do not trust them. Firstly, use that app and let a few months pass to see how Meta responds to this radically different platform. You just need to follow these steps to use the Thread app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the Threads app safe to use?

Ans. There is no specification for whether it is safe or not. However, we recommend using it while considering privacy concerns.

Q2: What information do Threads collect?

Ans. It collects all your data, including sensitive information such as sexual information, bank details, and fitness data.

Q3. Which app is safe for chatting?

Ans. Signal seems to be the only safe app for chatting.

Q4. What will happen if I delete the Threads app?

Ans. If you delete your Threads account, your Instagram account will also be deactivated automatically since both are linked.