In the world of generative AI, Yahoo has joined the race by integrating AI to help with writing and searching for emails. It allows users to compose email drafts, search and summarise messages, and more. The company has added generative AI to Yahoo Mail, which has similar functionality to Gmail’s “Help me write” feature.

Yahoo Mail has added AI to assist you in writing and searching for emails.

Yahoo Mail is in beta and will be available on iOS and desktop in the US. This article will share a guide on using Yahoo Mail AI to respond to and leverage email communication.

How to Join Yahoo Mail AI

This is still in early beta development and requires access to Yahoo Mail AI to use AI features such as Writing Assistant, Message Summary, Search, and Shopper Saver.

  • Visit Yahoo Mail AI in your browser.
  •  Enter your Yahoo username.
  •  Click on “Request to Join the Beta”.
  •  Click on “Next” to finish sending your request.

Keep an eye on your inbox. Once you can access Yahoo Mail AI, you can use it directly with Yahoo Mail.

How to Use Yahoo Mail’s AI

Once you have this feature, you can use Yahoo Mail AI to compose new emails with a prompt. Similar to other generative AIs, you should write the prompt. The prompt should be descriptive or suggest replies based on your writing tone and style.


  • Open Yahoo Mail and then compose a new email. Alternatively, if there is an incoming email, open it and then click on “Reply.”
  •  Next, you will notice a text bar at the bottom saying “Make it.” There, you will find a text area where you can write the prompt and also have the option to choose tone, preference, style, and other things.
  •  Write the prompt based on your preferences, and it will create a draft for you. You can add your tone and make changes or regenerate the email according to your preference.
  •  You can further enhance the text by selecting it and then choosing to optimize it, such as by making it polished, shorter, friendlier, or more formatted.
  •  If you feel the draft is correct, you can insert it and send it.

Many valuable features come with Yahoo Mail, such as the Message Summary, which includes dates, times, action items, and other information. Depending on your messages, you can follow up on items for actions like tasks and calendar events.

A search function powered by natural language processing also accepts natural language queries instead of relying on keywords or specific messages. Simply write your prompt or input and click on “Submit request” to generate a response to your prompt. You can also follow up on the responses and narrow the search by selecting factors such as sender, subject, date, and more.

Furthermore, there is also an option for Shopper Saver, an AI bot that scans your emails for unused gift cards, discount codes, store credits, and similar items. Yahoo Mail is another incredible thing that allows you to save benefits and shows all benefits that could give you discounts and sale information.