If you have been looking for a new wallpaper to apply to your smartphone, we have the wallpaper for Huawei’s smartphones today. These wallpapers are high-quality, so that they will fit nicely on various devices. Huawei’s latest smartphones, the Matepad Pro, Mate 60, and X5, are premium smartphones exclusive to China, and these smartphones have not been made outside of China.

Huawei has crafted these wallpapers to match their devices, and most of them are designed as abstract wallpapers that look amazing on the phone’s screen. This article will share some of Huawei’s Matepad Pro, Mate 60, and X5 wallpapers.

Huawei Matepad Pro, Mate 60, and X5 Stock Wallpapers

Wallpapers indeed give a unique vibe to your smartphone, and continuously changing wallpapers showcase the mood of the smartphone and its owner. We bring you some of the stock wallpapers with Huawei’s devices.

The Huawei Mate 60 Series comes with HarmonyOS, with six Huawei wallpapers with different compositions. Additionally, there are a total of 39 wallpapers that you can download.

Download Wallpaper

You can check out the preview of these wallpapers to see if you like them. If you do, there is a download button below the preview images.

Download Huawei MatePad Pro, Mate 60, and X5 wallpapers.

You may also recognise some of these wallpapers, as the company has heavily used them in their device marketing materials. Once you download these wallpapers, extract the folder and choose the image you want to set as a wallpaper. When you choose the image to set in the Photos app, tap on the triple-dot menu for additional options, then click on “Set as Wallpaper.” According to your preference, please choose whether you want it as a home screen or lock-screen wallpaper.