Microsoft announced a new build that is going to be released in the coming years. I am talking about Windows Server 2025, a projected build that is not yet officially released. Since the build is presently in the preview phase, there is no update about what’s new in it. But recently, sources witnessed two new wallpapers for it.

At present, Windows Server 2025 is available to Windows Insider program users. And they are enjoying the two new wallpapers. Although this seems like a usual thing, the recent wallpaper addition created hype among Windows users. So people think that because they are not part of having a Windows 2025 server, they don’t get such wallpaper. So, let’s discuss.

Downloading Windows 2025 Server New Default Wallpapers

You are well aware that Windows Server 2025 is not yet available, but starting with the release of build 26062 for the server version of Windows, the company introduced two new background images. These images feature an abstract design of a flowing blue ribbon-like structure against a light blue background. 

Additionally, the structure has a smooth and glossy surface with diverging patterns that appear textured. From here, there seems to be a variation of Bloom’s light and dark wallpaper originally available for Windows 11. However, to get it, you need to install Windows Server 2025 build 26063 to access these two new wallpapers. 

But thanks to a Reddit user who already published the images for anyone to download, it means you can now get those tempting wallpapers and set them on your desktop. So if you are willing to download those wallpapers, then download them with the help of the below steps, as well as know how to set them on your desktop.

  1. Download Windows 2025 Server build 26063 from the below link.
    1. Download Windows 11 2025 Server Zip File
  2. Once it downloads to your PC, open Settings.
  3. Now click on personalization from there.
  4. Afterward, click on the background and browse photos button.
  5. Select the images that you downloaded above.
  6. Save the changes and click Apply.
  7. That’s it. In this way, you can get new Windows 2025 server wallpapers on your PC.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, while we wait for the official release of Windows Server 2025, we hope this collection of inspired wallpapers has sparked your excitement. Remember, these wallpapers are currently unavailable for download. However, once Windows Server 2025 arrives, be sure to check back for the official download links and personalize your desktop with these stunning visuals.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Is Windows 10 supported after 2025?

. Windows 10 will no longer be supported with security updates for free after October 14, 2025.

Q2. Will there be a Windows Server in 2025?

Ans. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the official name of the next release of Windows Server, Windows Server 2025.

Q3. What’s new in Windows 2025?

Ans. Windows Server 2025 will include features such as SMB over QUIC, Active Directory enhancements, hot-patching support, and storage improvements.

Q4. What is the future of Windows?

Ans. They have a vision for advanced security features, including built-in encryption, secure boot, and real-time threat protection.