If you have been wondering, What’s your Mac address for the network card on Windows 11? Every device connected to a network has its own unique identification number, Known as Media Access Control (MAC). This also embeds Physical network adapters like Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth since it’s a necessary component to identify to assign you an internal Protocol (IP) address in order to make communication between your device inside a local network.

Today in this article, We will be sharing How you can find your Mac Address on Windows 11. It’s quite straightforward and easy. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look into this.

Check the Mac address on Windows 11 Using Windows Settings

  • Open Windows Settings (Windows + I).
  • Click on Network & Internet, and then Go to Ethernet or Wi-Fi based on your connection.
  • Choose your connection, and Under Properties, you have your Mac address labeled as Physical Address (MAC).

So this is how you can find your Mac Address; you can also check your Mac address on Windows 11 from the Control panel with the following instructions mentioned down below.

Check the Mac address on Windows 11 using Control Panel

  • Open Control Panel by searching it on Windows Search (SHorcut key: Windows + S)
  • After that, Click on network and Internet and then Click on Network and Sharing Center.
  • From there, Go to Change Adapter Settings which you will find on the left panel.
  • Next, choose Ethernet or Wi-Fi adapter according to the connection you have.
  • Click on the Details button, and from there, and you will find your Mac address which is labeled as Physical address.

There are other alternatives to find and check your PC’s MAC address with the System information, for which there is the following guide.

Check the Mac address on Windows 11 using the System Information

  • Open Windows Run Dialog box (Shortcut Key: Windows + R)
  • Type msinfo32 and hit enter, which will open System Information.
  • From the left panel, expand the component branch and then the network.
  • In the Network, Select the Adapter and then Scroll down to Network Adapter.
  • There you have your MAC Address.

To make this easier, You can use Command Prompt. This also gives you Mac address, for which here are the step-by-step instructions mentioned down below.

  • Open Windows Start and then Search for Command Prompt.
  • Run Command Prompt, and then type ipconfig /all and Hit enter.
  • There it will show you the Mac address, Which will be labeled as Physical Address.
  • If you want to check the Active Network adapter, you can also use the command: getmac /v and run to get your Active Network adapter Mac address.
  • That’s it!

So you can now have the Mac address, which will be labeled as the Physical Address. Likewise, It also is done from PowerShell, which check below.

Check Mac address o Windows 11 using Powershell

  • Open Windows Start and Search for Powershell.
  • Run powershell, and then type Get-NetAdapter.
  • There you have your Mac address; that’s it!

So these are the different methods for finding and checking your Mac Address on Windows 11. Hopefully, this guide remains helpful for you, and you have successfully been able to find and check your device network adapter Mac to configure on Windows 11.

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