Redmi launched its Redmi K30 Series With a Small Compromise With Diggin Display, Means a Yellowing near Punch-Hole digging Screen. Before going ahead, Let’s Know the characteristics of the LCD Display Used in Redmi K30.

The Display Panel is an LCD Liquid Crystal layers of 3μm, Which Means it Quite thing and Fragile Material. Meanwhile, there are two parallel layers of Glass Called CF Color Film and TFT Substrate. As the Display is Very and having Two Glasses ideally, Which the Does not Yellow theoretically.

Redmi K30

However, The Parallel Placing of two Layers of Glass and been Broken then the Screen Will Show Yellow due to Uniformity in the Liquid Crystal Changes. Not to Mention, There Was two Major Advantage of the New Generation of Redmi K30 Digging Screen Explained by Lu Weibing.

First thing First, The Upgrade “Thickened Glass” Were used to Increased Thickness by 14% and provide More Structural Strengthened. Also, it having a Large Number of Support Piller to Increase the Density of Support Columns. Which are Added around the Hold and the Density of Support Pilla Means a Higher ensuring the Stability by using two Glass Structure around the punch-hole.

Additionally, Redmi K30 uses latest Processes to Low-Shrink polarisers and Upgraded Dispensing Technology. Which allow Display and Screen Structure to achieve this Long-term Stability. Moreover, Redmi K30 using the Industry’s Smallest LCD Aperture With a 4.38mm Diameter Punch-Hole Display Technology called as “Three Reductions”.

The Main Advantage is the Mini Punch-Hole Camera Module for Selfie Camera used to optimise the Dispensing Process and Improve Dispensing Ability for Punch-Hole Width to Ensure the Strength. The Bezel-less experience by Reducing a Bezel around the hole and Gives an Effectively Prevention of Light Leaking.

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