Today, the Face Unlock feature appears to be the need of every user. Earlier there were days when people compromised with the Face Unlock feature, but now the era has changed. As it helps users to ditch passwords and unlock their PC in just a glance. Not only that it saves users from being secure and makes a personalized experience. Meanwhile, the different Face Unlock advantages over PCs are driving its increasing popularity and adoption.

And you know PCs do not have in-built camera features and imperatively a need for a decent WebCam arises. But here the concern is being the industry has numerous options introduced by different brands. Choosing the best WebCam appears to be a challenging task. Because you need to look for a few factors that need to be addressed before purchasing. For such concerns, below we will guide you in choosing the best WebCam along with some best options.

Key Factors for Choosing a WebCam for Face Unlock

Before going over the best market options, choosing a WebCam between the different options required thorough research. I mean to say that a buyer who wants facial recognition needs on their PC, wants a worthy and smooth experience to enable Face unlock functionality. For this, we have done some research and found the below factors to be considered in choosing the best WebCam for your PC.

Note: We cannot specify a definite pricing methodology but yes while choosing WebCam ensure to consider these factors along with proper balance with pricing as per industry standards.


In any WebCam resolution appears to be the most important thing to consider. To be specific if you want a smoother experience, then ensure to have such WebCams which have at least 1080p (Full HD). So that you get a high-performing experience.

Sensor Type

The second thing you should check is a Standard Sensor at least. Along with resolution ensure you have a dedicated required sensor. Make sure the WebCam you are looking at should have CMOS IR. But in case your budget does not allow then it should have at least a CMOS sensor type.

Field of view (FOV)

For better coverage, field of view is another thing you should consider. As it defines how effectively your PC can recognise your face and help you unlock. Look three FOVs are categorised into 70-80 degrees (for comfortable face unlock range), Wider FOV (Captures more background), and Narrower FOV (More focused on your face). So choose accordingly.


Look at this section considering it could be infinite. Every user has definite features to be needed in a WebCam. But as a standard thing, some features should be required in your WebCam. These features are Auto Focus, Privacy Shutter, Built-In Microphone, Windows Hello/macOS Catalina compatibility, at least One Year Warranty, etc. 

Top WebCam Recommendations for Face Unlock

Face Unlock appears to be an important need today and I am sure from the above considerations, you got to know how to choose the best WebCam. But to provide the readers with more transparency here we are sharing some best WebCam options that you might once look at. 

Note: To save your time, here we are sharing the main insights about each of the WebCam options

Logitech Brio 4K

Specs Highlights: 4K UHD resolution, CMOS IR sensor, 78° FOV, Windows Hello and macOS Catalina compatible.

Performance details: Blazing-fast face unlock, even in low light thanks to the IR sensor. Superior video quality for calls and streaming.

Pros: Future-proof with 4K resolution, versatile for various uses, sleek and premium design.

Cons: Pricey, requires good bandwidth for 4K streaming.

Best for Content creators, professionals, and tech enthusiasts who prioritize top-notch performance 

Microsoft Modern WebCam

Specs Highlights: 1080p resolution, CMOS IR sensor, 80° FOV, Windows Hello and macOS Catalina compatible.

Performance details: Reliable and accurate face unlock, clear video calls with TrueColor technology.

Pros: Affordable, compact and portable, plug-and-play simplicity, integrated privacy shutters.

Cons: Lacks the crispness of higher resolutions, not ideal for low-light conditions.

Best for: Budget-conscious users and business professionals

Razer Kiyo Pro

Specs Highlights: 1080p resolution, CMOS sensor with built-in ring light, 80° FOV, Windows Hello and macOS Catalina compatible.

Performance details: Excellent low-light performance thanks to the ring light, perfect for gamers and streamers.

Pros: Smooth and fast face unlock, vibrant colours and adjustable brightness, attractive design.

Cons: High price point, no IR sensor, not ideal for pure face unlock scenarios.

Best for: Gamers and streamers, content

Final Thoughts

To sum up, face unlock technology has underscored the significance of selecting the right WebCam for optimal performance. Key takeaways include the crucial role of high-resolution sensors, infrared capabilities, and advanced facial recognition algorithms in ensuring a seamless and secure face unlock experience. 

We all know that as technology continues to evolve, users must prioritize WebCam features that enhance accuracy and reliability. By choosing the right WebCam, individuals not only unlock the full potential of facial recognition but also contribute to a smoother and more efficient user experience. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Are 4K webcams worth it?

Ans. If you need such a high-end WebCam, then obviously it is worth it.

Q2. Which is better 2K or 1080p webcam?

Ans. Being an advanced visual format over 1080p, 2K appears to be more better.

Q3. Do 4K 60fps webcams exist?

Ans. Of course, among the different options, ELECOM 4K AI Auto offers 4K support.

Q4. Can I use my phone as a webcam?

Ans. There are numerous applications that you can use as a Webcam like Droidcam.