WhatsApp is working hard to create a great conversation app for everyone. They have caught up with some of the most popular chat features, such as Edit Message, Chat Lock, Automatic Status Update, End-to-End Encryption Backup, Community, and Username. WhatsApp is in direct competition with iMessage, Snapchat, Telegram, and other messaging apps.

The company is constantly adding new features and making improvements. They are currently working on these features, which are in beta and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store via the Beta Program. These improvements show their commitment to enhancing the user experience and their determination to improve the app’s interface for the benefit of its users.

Redesigned Menu

The Company has updated the bottom-navigation bar, and now they plan to make the Setting Menu layout easier to access for everyone. The current Setting Menu has not changed much over the years and has become more crowded with options. On Android, to access the settings menu, you had to tap on the overflow menu on the top-right corner of the app until now, but now it’s found within the disguised profile picture button.

[Courtesy: WaBetaInfo]

The redesigned settings page includes three new settings: Profile, Privacy, and Contacts. This feature is aimed at improving the user experience while navigating through the app settings, and it is still in development. WhatsApp has also introduced a shortcut for starred messages in the app settings on iOS. The new interface recognizes and makes these efforts to ensure maximum satisfaction for all users.

This means you don’t have to tap on the overflow menu anymore to access the settings. You just need to tap on the profile picture, and the new WhatsApp settings menu page will appear. Also, note that the page will show a large profile picture at the top-center and your account name below it. The Account QR code has moved to the profile picture, and other settings items will be aligned more to the right. There is no confirmation of when WhatsApp intends to roll out this feature, but it is expected to be released in a single update with other visual changes.


To improve privacy, the company is working on a new feature where users can search for each other by username instead of phone number. This will enable private communication with companies and offer a higher level of privacy on WhatsApp, while keeping messages end-to-end encrypted.

[Courtesy: WaBetaInfo]

Each user will have a unique username. To set this up, go to WhatsApp settings, tap on Profile, and select a unique username under the profile tab. Using a username as an identifier gives more flexibility and privacy, since you don’t have to share your phone number and it makes for a better experience, especially with WhatsApp Business for private communications.

This feature is still in early development and not yet visible to users. It was spotted by WaBetaInfo while exploring the new build. However, questions have been raised about anyone being able to find others using a username, even if they are not in your contact list. More details will be revealed over time.

Semi-transparent effect on ab-bar

[Courtesy: WaBetaInfo]

A new feature is being tested that adds a translucent effect to the tab bar. This change is meant to make the app look more modern and visually appealing. The semi-transparent effect creates a subtle visual effect, allowing users to see content behind the tab bar. This adds depth and dimension to the user interface.

Redesigned Group Settings

The new update makes the group settings screen easier to use. The buttons are bigger and there is a toggle for each setting. You no longer need to choose and select. Also, the description is under the settings option.

[Courtesy: WaBetaInfo]

Over the next few weeks, more users will receive the update as it rolls out to a wider audience. You can try the latest WhatsApp Beta on Android by updating the app from the Google Play Store. It will be rolling out to more users over the coming weeks.