WhatsApp is getting a new update soon. It’s still being developed and hasn’t been added yet. The update will be available to more people in the next few weeks. But not everyone will get it, it depends on your WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Security Center

WhatsApp has launched the Global Security Center to help users better understand how WhatsApp works to keep them safe, as well as provide tips on how to stay secure from scammers and other online threats. The Security Center offers information on the platform’s various features and built-in safety measures, and provides access to the platform’s backend operations.

WhatsApp announced Security Center, Book Delhi Metro Tickets, and more new experiments in beta

This resource will help users learn more about ways to protect themselves, such as keeping out spammers and enabling security features like two-step verification, group control, privacy settings, and account protection. WhatsApp is considered relatively more secure than other messaging apps such as Snapchat and Instagram, especially when users enable these security features.

The WhatsApp Security Center is available in 10 different languages, including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Urdu, and Gujarati. The company has recently introduced a feature to avoid spam calls and is expected to bring about changes to reduce such occurrences. Additionally, the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) is available to WhatsApp Business users to spot potentially fake news. Other features include two-step verification, group control, privacy settings, account protection, and much more.

Book Delhi Metro on WhatsApp

The Indian government has been working to make it easier to book tickets on WhatsApp. Some regions even allow users to book metro tickets on WhatsApp. Now, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has partnered with PeLocal Fintech Private Limited as a pilot project. This project is live for commuting on the Airport Express Line (AEL) and allows users to book metro tickets online via WhatsApp.

A single commuter can generate a maximum of 6 tickets per journey. The validity of each QR ticket is until the end of the day. You can book a ticket during operational hours, but you can’t cancel your QR-based tickets.

How to Book Delhi Metro Ticket on WhatsApp

  • Save the number +91 9650855800 on your mobile.
  • Open a WhatsApp chat with this number.
  • Send a message saying “Hi”.
  • Choose your preferred language (Hindi/English).
  • Select “Buy Ticket”.
  • Choose your source and destination stations.
  • Select the number of passengers (maximum of 6).
  • Proceed to pay using a debit card, credit card, or UPI.
  • After payment, you will receive a QR code.
  • Show the QR code at the entry gate of the metro station.

Group Profile icon

WhatsApp announced Security Center, Book Delhi Metro Tickets, and more new experiments in beta
[Courtesy: WaBetaInfo]

A new feature is being released that allows you to add your profile icon to a group chat. This helps you and other group members recognize each other more easily. Some users couldn’t use this feature before because of an unknown problem, but now it’s fixed. With profile icons, you can quickly tell who is who in the group, especially if someone has a similar name or doesn’t have a profile photo. If someone doesn’t have a profile photo or has hidden it, WhatsApp will show a default empty profile photo with a color that matches the correct name to help with identifying them.

Discover Channels

Channels now has a new tool that lets you send information to many people at once. You can also find new channels by using filters. The Channel Discovery feature helps you find channels that match your interests, like News, Sports, or Entertainment. You can search for channels by name and filter results alphabetically by popularity or recency.

WhatsApp announced Security Center, Book Delhi Metro Tickets, and more new experiments in beta
[Courtesy: WaBetaInfo]

This feature helps you get updates from people you want to hear from. The new WhatsApp Discovery Channel adds a section to the app where you can search for channels. You can search for channels by name or by using filters like recently added, popularity, or alphabetically. This feature makes it easier to find the channels you want without having to look through lots of results.

Redesigned Keyboard

The update includes improvements to the keyboard, including a redesigned keyboard with an emoji category bar that makes it easier to find the emojis you want. Tabs that provide easy access to other keyboard functionalities, such as GIF and sticker selection, will be moved upwards, and the attachment sharing button and emoji keyboard button will be relocated to align with the style of Desktop and iOS.

WhatsApp announced Security Center, Book Delhi Metro Tickets, and more new experiments in beta
[Courtesy: WaBetaInfo]

Additionally, a new search feature has been improved, along with several bug fixes and performance improvements. We will continue to update this feature and provide further details in the future.

Updates Tab

This new update is available through the TestFlight Beta Program. It brings a new Update Tab, but only some lucky beta testers can access it. The new Update Tab is the home for Status and Channels, a new tool for broadcasting information to many people.

WhatsApp announced Security Center, Book Delhi Metro Tickets, and more new experiments in beta
[Courtesy: WaBetaInfo]

Here are the new features:

  • Update Tab: This is the home for Status and Channels.
  • Muted Status: This is a section where you can mute some status updates.
  • Shortcut for Privacy Settings: It’s a shortcut to open your privacy settings. It has moved to the same menu as Muted Status.
  • Shortcut for Create Status Updates: Another shortcut to create status updates. It’s located within the menu that appears when you tap on the plus icon at the top of the screen.

Channels are still under development. In the future, channels will also be available within the Updates tab. There will also be changes in how status updates are displayed. They will be arranged in a horizontal row instead of a vertical list.