WhatsApp is working to improve the user experience of its app by making small adjustments to the app interface. These adjustments make the app easier to use and more user-friendly. Most users are still in beta and will be rolling out to more people over the coming days.

Some new features include a redesigned chat share sheet and emoji panel on the desktop, double-tap reaction, animated emojis, and a bottom navigation bar. The Chennai District Government of Tamil Nadu has also launched a method to book a Chennai Metro ticket from WhatsApp. Users can join the beta through the Google Play program and Apple’s TestFlight on the App Store. Let’s take a closer look at this. Without further ado, let’s get into this.

Book Chennai Metro Tickets from WhatsApp

Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has launched a new way to get tickets through WhatsApp, available in Tamil and English. It allows users to book up to six tickets at once and pay through UPI or a separate link for cards, including credit cards, debit cards, or net banking. After booking a ticket, users will receive a QR code for their ticket, which can be scanned at any Chennai Metro station to enter. Also, note that a 20% discount is available for all tickets booked through WhatsApp.

  • Open WhatsApp and send a “HI” message to +91 83000 8600.
  • Next, select your preferred language and then “Book your ticket.”
  • After that, choose your origin and destination stations.
  • Next, enter the number of tickets you want to book and then make payment using UPI, card, or net banking.
  • After completing the payment, you will receive a QR code for your ticket.

This is helpful, especially for users who don’t want to download a separate app to book tickets. To book a ticket, send “HI” to +91 83000 8600 and follow the instructions. After that, you need to choose your language, origin, destination, and number of tickets and make a payment. Users can also view fares, set favorite routes, update their profile, and view timings.

Double-Tap Action for Reactions

WhatsApp is working on a new feature allowing users to react to messages by double-tapping them. It is quite similar to the feature available on Instagram. The double-tap reaction is only available to a handful of users on iOS through the TestFlight beta program, and this feature will be released in a future update of WhatsApp. It makes it easier to respond to messages promptly, and this feature is a way to quickly and easily react to messages without opening the context menu.

Users will soon be able to react to messages by double-tapping on them. It will be a thumbs-up by default, but it can also be tweaked. Users will be able to choose a different emoji at this time. The thumbs-up emoji is a popular choice for reactions because it symbolizes approval or acknowledgment, making this feature more familiar to users. Users can still react to messages, but users need to open the context menu and select the emoji. But now, double-tap action for reactions is more convenient for users to react quickly to a message.

WhatsApp Beta Redesigned Chat Share Sheet and Emoji Panels on Desktop

The beta desktop version is rolling out a new chat share sheet and redesigned emoji panel for the web client, which is now more compact and has labeled icons. The company redesigned the emoji panel, which is now smaller and has separate tabs for stickers and GIFs on the web client to improve the user experience through an interface designed by developing new features.

WhatsApp now offers new features such as booking Chennai Metro tickets, experimenting with a redesigned chat share sheet and emoji panels, and more.
[Courtesy: WABetaInfo]

It has a more appealing design. The new chat share sheet is more compact and has a new chat share sheet that is more compact and has labeled each icon. The redesigned emoji panel is smaller and has separate tabs for stickers and GIFs displayed separately and in a smaller size. It will make it easier for users to find and use the desired feature.

This feature is available to a handful of users who joined the WhatsApp Web Beta Program. The new feature will be rolled out to more users over time.

WhatsApp Is Crashing for Many WhatsApp Users

With the recent update, WhatsApp is crashing for many users. The company had already fixed the issue that addressed a persistent crash upon opening that was causing the app to crash when it was opened. Some users fixed the issue temporarily by opening WhatsApp from the notification center. However, others were able to fix the crash by downgrading to the previous version of the app. A lot of issues have been reported on Twitter. However, if you are still experiencing the issue, it is advised that you update to the latest version since the company has already fixed the bug that addresses the crash issue.

WhatsApp Will Have Bottom Navigation

A new interface for the bottom navigation is rolling out to WhatsApp, and it is still rolling out for beta users, and only some have it. The iOS app for WhatsApp inspires this new bottom navigation. This is such a major upgrade with the new interface. At this point, the new update for WhatsApp has a bug that causes the app to crash when it is opened, and WhatsApp is working on a fix for the bug.

If you have been experiencing the issue, you can downgrade to the previous version of WhatsApp to fix the crash, but it is not recommended due to potential issues with the database. Moreover, the crash is expected to be released in the next update. However, some users are experiencing a persistent crash with the new update, and the new interface is available after a wider rollout.

The company will fix and improve the performance of WhatsApp Beta before rolling it out to everyone after polishing, for which the company is also gathering user feedback to refine the new WhatsApp interface. Some users might prefer something else to the new interface. Since this new UI doesn’t allow swiping between tabs, however, the company has yet to make any commitment if they will reintroduce the ability to swipe between tabs in a future update. Also, the beta will be rolling out to more testers with the bottom navigation bar.

Animated Emoji Will Be Added to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is working on an animated emoji feature with Lottie, an optimized library for creating small animations while maintaining quality in the app. The first animated emoji that will be available in the partying face emoji. The company also plans to add six animated emojis in a future update. This is one of the most requested features by many users over the past years and is currently in development.

These emojis were chosen because they are some of the most frequently used by users on WhatsApp:

  • Face with Tears of Joy
  • Loudly Crying Face
  • Crying Face
  • Face with Open Mouth
  • Red Heart
  • Fire

As for Lottie is an optimized library that lets designers easily create small animations while maintaining their proportions and quality. Despite these emojis being compressed to ensure a better browsing experience, these animated emojis will be of much higher quality, and they are expected to be smooth and high-quality.

The company will add a toggle option in Settings to disable/enable Animated emojis because some users might find these animated emojis distracting. This will also allow users to choose whether or not to use animated emojis. Animated emojis are expected to be released with a future update of WhatsApp Desktop Beta and iOS and Android Beta.