Meta’s owned WhatsApp is starting to test its Companion Mode in its Beta channel. For a long time, we have all wanted to use our WhatsApp account across multiple devices, but WhatsApp has only allowed us to use it on one device we authenticate. We can only link one device at a time. Recently, WhatsApp has started rolling out its Linked to Multiple Devices feature. It is now similarly testing Companion Mode (h/t: WABetainfo) to allow us to use our main WhatsApp account on multiple devices.

People have been using different methods to use WhatsApp on other devices, as WhatsApp has supported accounts on multiple devices for months. By introducing the new Companion Mode, users who want to use their WhatsApp account on multiple devices can now easily do so since WhatsApp will soon allow it with its Companion Mode. This update is currently available on Android devices, and you won’t be able to pair your iOS device at this time.

WhatsApp is introducing Companion Mode, which lets users access WhatsApp on other Android devices.

Meta has been working on its Companion Mode for months now. Before continuing, we want to mention that this functionality is still in beta, and users could encounter bugs while using this feature. All your chats and media will be synced across the devices, allowing its users to make and receive calls.

WhatsApp Companion Mode

With this mode, you can simultaneously link up to four other devices to access all your WhatsApp chats and messages, such as a tablet or laptop. It even works if your device is offline. To use this feature, users need to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on both of their devices.

WhatsApp is rolling out Companion Mode to allow users to use WhatsApp on other Android devices
  • First, open WhatsApp Beta on your second device. Then, when you reach the registration screen, tap on the overflow menu for the “Link a device” option, which will show you a QR code.
  •   Next, open WhatsApp Beta on your primary device and head to Settings.
  •   From there, tap on “Linked Devices” and then tap on “Link a Device.”
  •   From there, scan the QR code on the new device you want to link with.
  •   That’s it!

Note: This is currently in limited beta and is expected to roll out to further devices in the coming weeks.

While most other apps simply require you to have the same credentials and log in to get into your account, WhatsApp requires you to have authentication from the primary device. After linking your secondary Android device, you can access that device. It even works if your primary device is offline.

WhatsApp Beta v2.23.8.2 or a higher version of the app will likely receive this feature as the company starts rolling out this update globally in phases. This feature is currently available for limited WhatsApp beta users, so if you don’t find this feature, we advise you to wait for some days.

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This is one of the best ways to stay connected with your friends and family on WhatsApp. It is advised not to use the payment functionality until this feature becomes more stable. Some features, like managing broadcast lists and posting status updates, have issues on linked devices. Linked devices are also not able to initiate backup at this moment.

This feature first surfaced last year in November for some selected users. Now, the company is confident to start rolling it out to users after improving the feature based on user feedback. You don’t have to worry about your data as everything, including calling, messaging, and else, will remain end-to-end encrypted on both devices.