Meta is working on several things to improve WhatsApp functionality. The company has been experimenting with new features on WhatsApp. The company is working on partnerships and developing new features tested in Beta for WearOS, WhatsApp Web-client Desktop, iOS, and Android apps.

This includes plans to introduce the ability to edit messages, a Channel feature under status, and several new features and enhancements. Animated Emojis may also be coming to WhatsApp soon, and these updates show that WhatsApp is trying to maintain its position as one of the best messaging apps globally.

Block Spam Calls on WhatsApp in Partnership with Truecaller

Meta (formerly Facebook) and Truecaller are starting to build protection against spam calls on WhatsApp. Truecaller is a well-known call identification and spam call-blocking service with over 350 million monthly active users. Recently, a lot of WhatsApp users have started receiving unknown calls. However, the user-facing outcome of the initiative is unclear, but there will likely be indicators for potential spam calls on WhatsApp. Indian users receive an average of 17 spam calls per month. With the help of Truecaller integration as a service, many users can combat the problem of unsolicited marketing calls, which often lead to consumer harassment and privacy violations.

This is currently in Beta and will be available worldwide later this month. Collaborating with Truecaller will help WhatsApp to stop spam calls on WhatsApp. It can enhance the user experience and give more control over disappearing messages, companion mode, automatic security codes, and UI revamp for Android users. It’s a potential indicator for spam calls on WhatsApp when a call comes in, but this will take time before the company releases the update on WhatsApp.

This feature is said to be in Beta testing to identify anonymous callers and will be rolled out globally this month. This feature will let users know who they are calling. Truecaller has the most significant market share in India, primarily generating revenue through advertising subscription services and verified business listings. The company recently launched its AI-Powered SMS Fraud protection to safeguard its users from fraudulent text messages. To improve the WhatsApp spam detection technology to identify and block problematic accounts and has launched the Stay Safe campaign to educate users about online privacy and safety measures.

WhatsApp is Available on WearOS, Sign-up

The popular messaging application, WhatsApp, is now compatible with WearOS, and now users can access their chats and messages directly from their smartwatches, like Samsung’s Smartwatch. The app still preserves end-to-end encryption that goes beyond smartphones and tablets. The availability of using WearOS on your smartwatch is a significant upgrade that will increase the popularity of smartwatches. If you can’t find the WhatsApp app from the Play Store, you can directly install the app from the listing over here.

The interface of WhatsApp is simple, having a list of recent contacts along with simple options for settings. Upfront, there are past messages and replies by recording a voice message or using the system keyboard. In group chats, you can see the people in the conversation and use the Open on phone option. As for unread messages, it will have a circular complication to show unread messages and tiles for WhatsApp Contacts and Voice Messages.

With this, users can use WhatsApp to message and voice, which is currently in Beta testing. While linking the WhatsApp account with the Smartwatch app, there will be an eight-digit code to verify. After verifying the code, your chats will be synced across your device, and you can start using WhatsApp on your smartphones. You can start using WhatsApp on Smartwatch by downloading the latest WhatsApp beta update from the Google Play Store.

However, the app isn’t available for the WhatsApp Business app. You can download the v2.23.10.10 available on the Google Play Store for WearOS compatible devices that allow connecting their devices to access chats and messages directly from their smartphones. It is compatible with Google Pixel Watch, Galaxy Watch 5, and other devices.

Channel List under the Status tab on iPhone

The Channels feature is now coming to iOS. This will allow users to receive information from one-to-many sources. It will appear under the status update tab. This feature was spotted on WhatsApp Beta v23.9.0.76. Users can join the TestFlight app to check this feature in the future, as it is still in development and could take some time before it is released to the stable Public.

WhatsApp is working to stop spam calls, add edit message functionality, become compatible with WearOS, and bring the channel feature to iOS.
[Courtesy: WaBetaInfo]

The Channel List will be shown under the status updates section. The Channel list is displayed horizontally to provide more space for the channels list. Channels will support handles to make it easy for users to search for and access updates from their preferred channels.

It will give more control to users over the channels they follow. This includes the ability to follow or unfollow a channel at their discretion. A new channel will be a private action. However, there are no algorithm changes or recommendations about following a new channel, so it’s up to users to choose which channels they want to follow.

WhatsApp working on editing Messages on both Mobile and Web.

Finally, WhatsApp will now have an Edit message feature on WhatsApp Beta, which is likely to be in the final step of development before the official release. Edited messages on WhatsApp will be available on iOS, Android, and the Web-based Client Desktop app. To use this feature, tap on the text message and then tap on the Edit message option from the context menu. Users can only edit the message sometimes; they will have 15 minutes to revise the message after sending it. This improvement for the editing feature is planned to be released.

If this is enabled, users can edit the message on their messages in chats and groups. Also, it is possible to revise the message multiple times within the 15-minute window. It is important to have a certain time limit to maintain the authenticity of the conversation and prevent users from completely changing a message after a long time. The primary motive for launching this service is to correct typing errors only. Users can only edit the text message; other messages can’t be edited.

The company is also testing the indication when editing a message has succeeded. This feature appeared on the iOS Beta, and WhatsApp is working on the same alert feature for the Android Beta, which means it’s in the final part of the feature before releasing the ability to edit the message. Before Meta releases this feature to everyone, the company will release this limited beta tester ahead of the stable release because the company will gather bug reports and feedback from the beta program, providing users with new beta features.