WhatsApp is one of the most elite messaging applications, and it’s been on Mobile and Desktop for years. To further boost the service, the company announced a variety of features recently, which include allowing you to chat on your desktop independently of your mobile device. 

Messaging app WhatsApp is now testing another new feature that now has companion mode baked into the app. App has reportedly been testing this on Android tablets for weeks now, and now the mobile app is receiving the update on Mobile Devices. 

How to use WhatsApp Companion mode, Chat on Multiple phones at once – BETA Update 

Now you can pair your secondary mobile smartphone; WhatsApp Version supports this functionality. However, it’s quite similar to the process we used on the Desktop instance. 

How to use WhatsApp Companion Mode 

First thing first, you need to update your WhatsApp version. You can download the beta update here.  JOIN WHATSAPP BETA Here,


How to use WhatsApp Companion mode, Chat on Multiple phones at once – BETA Update 
  • Download, and Update your WhatsApp on your primary and secondary smartphones. 
  • Launch WhatsApp on a secondary smartphone, then click Agree and Continue. 
  • After that, on the Enter your Phone number page, click on the triple-dot menu. 
  • Choose Link a Device and then open the Primary Smartphone where your WhatsApp is already registered. 
  • Click on the triple-dot menu and choose Link a Device. 
  • From there, choose Link a Device, and scan the QR code that appears. 
  • Please wait for it to download your content, and that’s it. 
How to use WhatsApp Companion mode, Chat on Multiple phones at once – BETA Update 

These steps look similar to what we are used to while logging into WhatsApp’s desktop. As soon as you are logged into your account on your secondary smartphone, you will receive a notification saying, “Whatsapp on Android Tablet.” And it will constantly appear on your Notification panel to keep you updated, which is good for privacy. 

Chat will sync with your primary device, and you can chat independently on a secondary smartphone without having active internet on your primary device. Meanwhile, some features, such as Live location, managing a broadcast list, and Stickers, might not work during BETA testing. 

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Currently, this feature is available to Beta store users. There’s no official announcement for an upcoming stable release, but it’s most likely going to happen since it’s widely available. Which can be opted for from Google Play Store; since it’s a beta application, users can expect bugs and issues while using the app. 

WhatsApp Multi-Device Supports up to 4 Devices, and you can still link three other devices after linking your companion device. Not to mention, All the Chats and stuff remain end-to-end encrypted, and users can expect this feature to roll out for stable users in the coming weeks.