WhatsApp is a one-stop place primarily used for Instant messaging, including Audio calls/video calls. Earlier, WhatsApp calls are done through the contact you have saved on your device. But, now, with WhatsApp Call links, you can even do Audio/Video calls to a contact that is not saved to your device. Meanwhile, A new WhatsApp feature has now arrived.

Remember When you use Google Meet, Zoom, or any other video call app. You share the meeting link via direct message. According to officials, Somewhat the same thing “WhatsApp Call links” expect to do. Certainly, Even with WhatsApp, you can now share call links to initiate WhatsApp calls. So, let’s take a look below and learn about Call links.

WhatsApp Announced a New feature, “WhatsApp Call Links”: Confirmed Update

On Tuesday, WhatsApp publicly announced a new feature, “WhatsApp Call Links.” With this feature, you can create a link to call, and people you share the link with will then be able to jump onto that call by just tapping on that link. As a result, You can make WhatsApp Calls to any person whether you have that person’s contact number or not.

However, It is not a new concept because the same we have seen over Google Meet, Zoom, and other similar apps. WhatsApp Call links are not an issue, but you need the WhatsApp app to either send a Call link or join the call. WhatsApp thinks the Call links feature can be good because it helps users do the hassle-free calling.

Certainly, The WhatsApp Call links have just been announced publicly. But, According to Parent Company CEO “Mark Zuckerberg,” WhatsApp Call links are under the testing phase. And accordingly, it takes some days to roll out completely. Surprisingly, during WhatsApp call links testing, it was found that the development team is doing call links testing for over 32 people.

We know that WhatsApp is one of the largest platforms for Instant messaging. But, Over the last few days, WhatsApp has been going through a busy schedule. As lastly, they took some extended time while adding companion mode. For your reference, Companion mode is nothing but for users running an android beta, allowing them to link Android tablets using QR.

How to use WhatsApp Call links feature?

As of now, the developers have not added the Call links feature. But whenever it is available, you need to update it through your specified app store. Once done, open the updated WhatsApp app. After that, You will have the new “Create Call links” option under the Calls tab. Then, Tap on it and share it with your desired platform to initiate the call.

Here, There is no restriction; you need to share that call link only with your contact. Instead, You can share it over any platform. But note that the person you share the call link with must have a WhatsApp account to initiate that call.

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Conclusively, the WhatsApp Call links feature is a new tiny enhancement that makes Calling easier. At that moment, these are the only updates relating to WhatsApp Call links. So, we have written all of them. If still, any user has queries with the same, then feel free to ask them in the below section.