WhatsApp is working hard to improve its app for Android and iOS users. They provide a safe platform with many valuable features, some of which are still in beta. Beta users can sign up and download the beta version from the Google Play Store. The company regularly updates the app, and the next update may introduce a more straightforward way to use the app with a redesigned layout and settings.

Beta users can test new features before officially releasing them to the public. The beta version of WhatsApp is currently showing these features in development. WhatsApp has strong encryption and has added new features over the years, such as message editing, chat lock, and improved polls.

Screen Sharing

WhatsApp Beta for Android recently introduced a screen-sharing feature that allows users to display their device’s screen during video calls. This feature has been available on other video chat services such as Zoom, Discord, Google Meet, FaceTime, Telegram, and Microsoft Teams. It is a valuable feature when you need to demonstrate something on your phone or share information with someone.

WhatsApp is testing screen sharing, Material Design 3 switches, update tab, status archives, and more in beta.
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A “Screen Share” button will appear during a call, and when you press it, your screen will be shared with the other person on the call. WhatsApp will display a disclaimer before initializing this feature, informing users that their screen content will be visible to the other person during the screen-sharing session.

This feature is not available on older versions of WhatsApp. Screen sharing allows users to share their screen during a video call, and the call can be recorded, which could be helpful when remotely diagnosing problems on someone’s phone. It is also useful for other purposes, such as discussing important slides or documents, remotely helping friends or family diagnose issues on their phones, giving presentations, or collaborating on projects.

However, the system requirements for this feature are unknown, and for security and privacy reasons, WhatsApp Screen may not display content from certain apps that set FLAG_Secure. This feature may also not be available on group video calls or older Android phones. Apps like password managers and streaming services use these security measures to protect their content from unauthorized sharing.

Switch: Material Design 3

The company is creating a new Switch user interface (UI) that follows Material Design 3. This feature is still in development and unavailable for beta users. The company started with a bottom navigation bar and is now redesigning the app switches for a future update.

WhatsApp is testing screen sharing, Material Design 3 switches, update tab, status archives, and more in beta.

These improvements aim to enhance the app’s overall user experience and bring modern and intuitive design to the interface. The new Switch style is integrated with the comprehensive interface and features an enhanced design that complements the switch toggle. It’s intuitive and lets users easily switch options with a simple tap.

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Update Navigation Bar

This is about a new layout for the navigation bar on Android. The order of the tabs in the navigation bar has yet to be finalized. It could take a few more weeks to release the new navigation bar. The company has been testing this for months. With the updated user interface, the navigation bar is also rolling out.

These changes have been made to enhance the user experience and make communication easier. The bottom navigation bar has been slightly changed. If you are used to the old layout, it may need to be clarified as some tabs have been rearranged.

Companion Mode

Recently, WhatsApp released a new feature for Android users. Now, the Companion Mode feature is also available for iOS devices. This feature allows you to use your WhatsApp account on two devices simultaneously. You can send and receive calls and messages across all your devices while maintaining privacy and security with end-to-end encryption.

To use this feature, update your device to the latest version and follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp on your primary device.
  • Go to Settings > Account > Multi-device > Companion Mode.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your secondary device with your primary device.
  • Scan a QR code to link your device.

Once linked, your chat history will be synchronized across all your devices. This feature will be available to your account in the coming weeks and can be downloaded from the App Store or TestFlight app.

Enable Companion Mode allows you to send and receive messages while ensuring your privacy with end-to-end encryption, even when using a linked device. However, not all features are available on linked devices, such as managing broadcast lists and post status updates.


Last week, a new feature was introduced that allows users to choose a unique username instead of using their phone number. Don’t worry; conversations using a username are still end-to-end encrypted. This username feature lets users pick a unique username for their account; with it, they can find and connect with others without needing a phone number.

Update Tab With Status, and Channels

This feature is coming to IOS and will focus mainly on improving the channel feature and the updates tab. Channels are a new tool for broadcasting information from people you wish to get news from, and WhatsApp is working on improving the interface of the status tab.

WhatsApp is testing screen sharing, Material Design 3 switches, update tab, status archives, and more in beta.

The new Update tab now includes Status updates and Channels, making it easier for users to find and view the content they care about. The new interface of the status tab is being improved in this update, with Status updates displayed in a horizontal list and users able to see the icon of each channel.

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WhatsApp is also planning to pin a banner as the new home for Status updates, but this does not include channels as they are still in development. The redesigned icon will better represent both Status updates and channels. The ability to view channels is still under development and will be released in the future app update.

Redesigned Setting Menu

The next update will make it easier to access the Setting menu. A new profile photo icon will bring up the Setting page when clicked. The redesigned Setting page will preview your profile photo in the center, and you can access the menu by tapping on it once. The new Setting page will also have a bigger preview of your profile picture and a shortcut to the QR code. Your account name will be displayed below the preview.

WhatsApp Desktop Support for App Language and Draft Filter

The new update for the Windows Native app includes two new features: Language Change and Message Draft Filter. Beta users can now change the app language for the native desktop app after installing the update, which is convenient for people who want to use the app in a language other than their default language. To use this feature, follow these instructions:

WhatsApp is testing screen sharing, Material Design 3 switches, update tab, status archives, and more in beta.
[Courtesy: WaBetaInfo]
  • Open WhatsApp and click on the triple-dot menu in the screen’s upper-right corner.
  • Select Settings and then language.
  • Select the language you want to use.

Previously, users had to change their system settings to use a different language in the app, but they can now directly manage the language settings within the desktop app. As for Draft Filter, users can now filter their message drafts by date and time, making it easier to find the draft they want. To use the filter for your message drafts:

  • Open WhatsApp and click on the triple-dot menu in the screen’s upper-right corner.
  • Click on Settings and then select Chats.
  • Select Chats again and then select Message Draft.
  • Select the date and time range you want to filter by.

You can update the WhatsApp Desktop app on Microsoft Store. The update will be rolled out to more users over the coming days. The update also includes enhanced support for message drafts, allowing users to filter their chats by showing only those that contain message drafts.

Status Archive to WhatsApp Business

This new feature on WhatsApp Business for Android allows businesses to share their previous status updates with customers. It is being rolled out to beta testers and will be available to more users in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp is testing screen sharing, Material Design 3 switches, update tab, status archives, and more in beta.
[Courtesy: WaBetaInfo]

The feature is called Status Archive, allowing businesses to save their status updates for up to 30 days. To use it, users will find a new Status Archive section in the status tab. Businesses can select the status update they want to save and click the Archive button.

If this feature is available for your WhatsApp account, you will receive a notification banner in the status tab. From there, you can manage your archive preference and view your archive from the menu in the status tab.

In addition to Status Archive, other features are being rolled out to some testers, including a Status Archive setting allowing businesses to archive statuses after 24 hours and then reshare them in the future.

WhatsApp is also redesigning its navigation bar and settings menu with new shortcuts for profile, privacy, contacts, and starred messages.