Meta’s WhatsApp has been significantly improved recently, and now the latest beta for WhatsApp reveals some of the upcoming features that could be very useful for end users. We already know about features like Voice Status for Android. With the latest WhatsApp beta release, the company has been working on features like an in-app banner for the Document Sharing page, a calling shortcut, and making pinned messages more accessible.

Mini in-app banner at the top for the Documents Sharing Screen

As WhatsApp has expanded the limit for sharing documents from 100 MB to 2 GB in May 2022, only some people are aware of this feature. To make people aware of this feature, WhatsApp plans to add an in-app banner on the top of the Documents screen with a future update. When people need to share documents, a small flag will tell them that WhatsApp now supports 2GB of file sharing and that they can share up to 2 GB.

Add a calling shortcut to your home screen.

Many people now use WhatsApp to make calls since it’s free and the call quality of WhatsApp has improved significantly. Users can now create a calling shortcut by tapping on the contact in their list to make it more seamless and easy. It will create a shortcut for the contact to automatically make calls on the home screen. It’s somewhat helpful if you usually make calls by WhatsApp and don’t want to go through the process of opening the app and searching for the contact every time.

Pinned messages in the chat

WhatsApp will have a 2GB file sharing document banner, a calling shortcut, and make pinned messages more accessible.

It’s quite a handy feature. When we have to mark important files, we use the “pinned message” feature to go through that message again. Now, to make this feature more useful, WhatsApp is working on the ability to pin messages in chats and groups. This will make it easier for users to find a conversation. So, if the users have been using an old version of WhatsApp, they will receive a prompt asking them to update their app to the latest version.

Note: It has not been announced by WhatsApp or given any timeline; some features might not come or be delayed. These reports prove that Meta’s WhatsApp is working on these features and has plans to integrate them with the stable release of future WhatsApp updates.

The features we have mentioned in this article are currently in development, so if you want to try these features, head over to the WhatsApp Beta Program page on PlayStore and update to the latest beta. As these features are not available to every single WhatsApp Beta user, they have been limited to some users and are available to a limited number of testers.