Huawei is one of the Top Companies around the World. It having a Massive Campus in China for its Employees to Work. Which Divided into 12 Separate Town they base each One on Famous European Cities. The Campus is So Massive, that you need approx 22Minutes to take One Lap. Okay, it has its Train Service. Also, Huawei Castle Where they Stored their Secretive Research Documents. 

There are Mainly Two Primary Smartphone Technology brands Huawei and Honor. If you thinking Why it having two Smartphone Brand. While the Huawei Smartphone is already a Popular Premium Smartphone brand Itself. However, Still, Huawei Invested and Make a Smartphone Brand Known as Honor. Which Focus on Young Generation.

Let’s go through my top 25 things you probably didn’t know about Huawei.


Where they Bring the Premium Features Such as There Chipset, 5G, Punchole and More thing on an affordable Price Point. Not to Mention, The Huawei is Much More difficult to Pronumnce in Westerns Sides. Which Look Similar to Xiaomi as Well, Here Honor is Easier for Westerns to Pronumnce and World Itself.

Not only Smartphone But also Making OTA Devices Such as Recently Huawei Design a Smart glasses With Built-in Speakers and Dual Microphones With Noise Cancellation. Further, The Huawei is already a Wacky Company Because of it Performance a Rotation Chairman Company System. There are Three Chairman Who Hold Position for Six Month at a Time. Make a lot of Sens Because Different Leaders Bring Experts and Applying Different Ideas to Improve the EcoSystem.

One thing to Note the Company Executive Show the Prototype Version of Huawei P30 Six Month Before the Actual launch. Make Sense that the Company almost having a Ready to Go Device ahead of launch.

Huawei is one of the Biggest Brand, Which also Mean that the Huawei is Important to China. Fun Fact, Huawei Employes over Hunder Thousand People in China alone. This Means, Huawei Bring So Much Foreign money. Which Means anything goes Wrong it Easily Shake Entire Country GDP.


Recently, Huawei is been Suspended to Work With American Companies. The Reason is that the Founder, Who is in China Military Engineer. Because of This He Could having a Strong Relationship With Chinese Government.

Additionally, A lot of Reports are Spying about sharing Security threats of U.S But Nothing is been Proven Yet. The Founder of Huawei having a 1.14% Stakes, and Still one of the Richest People in China With $1.9B. Strangely, Huawei Co-Founder Praises iPhone in Press Release.

However, He Says “He Buys iPhone for His Family”. US Carries As Verizon Have actually Doesn’t Sale Huawei Smartphones. On the other hand, The Only Way to Buy Huawei Smartphones are on Online.

Huawei Smartphones Ownership Percentage in us is 1% While 35% in China. Not only US but there were a lot of Countries Where Huawei is not able to Install their 5G Spectrum. There are only Three Primary Companies that Built 5G as Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia 5G. There Were a lot of Tweets With their Official Account with iPhones. These all things are Considered by Huawei.


This is Why Huawei Build Everyone in their Own Version of It Such as Operating System. They Already Having one of the Most Powerful Chipsets Making Chips. Huawei Has 80,000 Employes and Investing in Reach and Development is Higher than any other. 

Huawei means Chinese Achievement, According to Report Huawei Now Selling More Smartphones than Carrier equipment. Which is been there Primary Service, They Have Their Own University as Well. Give them a Direct Job, If You Qualify throughout Huawei University. Where Huawei Make the Students Skilful and What you Need to Work in Huawei.

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The Company Founded 30 year Ago With ~$5,000 Worth. Now It Became ~$100B per Year, an inspiration for all. If you enjoy this article, Then Let us Known in the Comment Section Down Below. Stay tuned for More Further Updates in the future.