If you want to make last-minute adjustments to your previously created designs, Canva is the go-to tool. It is an Austrian graphic design platform that allows you to create social media graphics, posters, and other creative content. Canva can be accessed through desktop and mobile applications.

One of the main highlights of Canva is its collection of inbuilt templates. However, previously, there was no freehand drawing tool available. To address this, developers introduced a drawing tool that allows you to draw freely on Canva. Unfortunately, some beginners have been facing difficulties using this tool. To help you, we have provided a complete guide below that explains the details of the drawing tool.

How do I draw in Canva?

In Canva, the Draw tool is a newly introduced feature that lets you draw hands-free, simulating the experience of drawing on a physical sheet. Although this tool was not initially available, Canva realized its importance and announced its release, along with some helpful resources.

However, many beginners still need help finding and using the drawing tool. We have covered all the essential information related to the drawing tool below to address this concern. Look at the following sections that explain the drawing tool and its utility.

Added the Canva Draw Tool

Canva primarily focuses on graphic design and does not have the draw tool included by default. To use the draw tool, add it to the Canvas menu bar. We understand that locating this tool can be challenging, so please follow the instructions below:

  • Open Canva and click on “More” in the left menu.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list.
  • You will find the Draw tool.
  • Click on the drawing tool, and it will appear on your Canva menu bar.
  • That is it! The Draw Tool has been successfully added to your menu bar.

Select Drawing Tools

You can begin your drawing process once you have located the draw tool on your Canva menu bar. Click the draw option, and you will be presented with various brush options. Additionally, you can explore other drawing materials, such as markers, highlighters, and the Glow Pen for added effects.

Unleash your creativity and start drawing.

After adding the Draw tool and selecting your preferred drawing tools, like brushes and highlighters, it is time to unleash your creativity and start drawing. Let your imagination guide you as you utilize the available tools to create your artwork. You can proceed to the next step once you are satisfied with your drawing.

Edit your drawing.

Once you have completed your drawing, the next step is to edit it. Canva treats your drawing as an image, giving you various editing options. To begin editing, select your drawing and click on the edit option in the top-left corner. This will reveal many editing options, including brightness, contrast, saturation, and more.

Furthermore, make use of these editing tools to enhance your drawing. Additionally, you can add animation effects to your drawing by selecting the Animate option next to the editing tools. Let your creativity shine as you choose animation templates that complement your drawing. Once you are satisfied with the edits, save your drawing using the export button.

In conclusion, by following the above steps, you can easily create drawings in Canva. If you wish to remove the drawing tool, you can do so by clicking on the “X” icon located within the Draw tool. We have provided a comprehensive guide to the drawing process in Canva. If you have any further questions, please ask in the comment section below.