Twitch is a well-known live-streaming network that offers constant and high-quality content to users worldwide. However, there are alternative platforms that offer comparable quality and service but contain certain critical flaws. If we’re talking about Twitch particularly, the platform features the most well-known emote, KEKW, which is frequently used in Twitch chat. The KEKW Emote, in particular, spreads enormous happiness throughout the planet in the year 2020.

Additionally, the KEKW is mostly intended for sharing during LOL moments. However, many Twitch viewers are unaware of the KEKW Emote’s origins and development. Thus, in this article, we’ll delve deeper into why the KEKW emote is so popular in Twitch Chat: You should be aware of its origins.

Why is KEKW the most popular emoticon on Twitch Chat?

Laughter is critical for maintaining a healthy human body. It is particularly critical during the Covid’s initial wave. Interestingly, KEKW Emote is mostly intended to elicit laughing, or as we say, it’s LOL. If we go back to the KEKW Emote’s origins, it was created in response to World of Warcraft references and a Spanish film that went viral in meme form.

Additionally, with the popularity of the Origin KEKW Emote as Suddenly, in the year 2019, it received widespread promotion from notable xQC and AdmiralBulldog streams, and suddenly, in 2020, it increased the KEKW Emote’s usage rate on Twitch Chat. However, since Twitch’s beginnings, LUL and LULW Emotes were the default emotes. However, as a result of its successful introduction and promotion, the KEKW Emote outperformed both emotes and was eventually superseded by the gradual mean time. While LUL and LULW are available on Twitch, many choose to use the KEKW Emote over LUL and LULW.