While playing any game, if you ever observe, some players get early access to the respective game’s plan. Earlier, we thought they were just guessing, but it can’t be possible every time. And further, we noticed a platform called “Discord” where every individual game has a dedicated space (server), which is the main reason for early access.

However, before 2015 there was no such platform to directly engage with your favourite game community. All thanks to Discord Inc., Which launched a platform now available in 30 languages. Even though Discord has a prominent presence in the internet domain, still, some users are unfamiliar with it. So, below we will completely guide you about Discord.

What is Discord – Installation Guide, Availability & Everything

In May 2015, Discord Inc. Programmed and developed all-in-one Global instant messaging. It allows users to directly connect their loved ones with a separate, completely encrypted server. However, Discord was Initially set up as a video-focused chat service and later got instant hype during the pandemic. 

Moreover, Discord continued that growth trend, and after just two years of supportive nature, they got millions of downloads with a static user base. The best part about Discord is that, Unlike other social media platforms, here you get connected to anyone (permission required). And further, join your favourite servers to get connected with them.

Discord was not so much optimized in the initial stages, but when it caught the growth hand, it improved a lot. Some of them are video call functions, bot functions, and many others with the advantage of new functionality; Discord uplifted and expanded itself from Android, iOS, Windows, Linux (deb, taz.gz) and Mac.

We know that among the vast lineup of social media apps, you are confused about why we switched to only Discord. So, for your reference, below are the only advantages that you can find only on Discord. These key benefits are – 

What is Discord - Installation Guide, Availability & Everything
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Unique Interface
  • Basic features 
  • Secured with decent performance

Although, The current UI for Discord can be made more simple than ever. Also, more features can be added to the same. But we know they are part of updates that will be introduced at a particular time.

 How to download and Install Discord?

As mentioned above, Discord is available on vast platforms, from Android to Mac. Whether you are an android user or any platform user except PlayStation, you can connect with Discord. But, For a basic idea, below are some instructions that will help to install Discord on your device 

  • Simple visit the discord download
  • Look for your respective device.
  • Then, Click on the download button concerning your device.
  • Following this, it will start downloading the discord file.
  • Once it finishes, locate the downloaded file and click on it.
  • Further, Proceed with on-screen instructions and at last, click on finish.
  • That’s it, and You are ready to connect with Discord.

How to create a discord account?

Similar to every social media platform, you need to have a valid account over it. And we know as beginners, you may not have such an account. Keeping that concern in mind, we are going to share a few steps so you can easily create your discord account.

  • Begin with visiting the Discord Register Page.
  • Now you will be asked some details to fill up.
  • Enter your active email, Username (subject to availability) and Date of birth.
  • Once done, the tap continues and proceeds ahead.
  • Next, Verify your email and other details and confirm them.
  • That’s it, and Your Discord account has now been created.

Besides that, there is special discord content where you will get tons of customization. In a nutshell, a subscription service called Discord Nitro enhances the ordinary discord experience into a pro one. Except for this, Discord is the best way to learn something new and advance yourself towards your respective.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Discord - Installation Guide, Availability & Everything
Q1. Can I Stream on Discord?

Ans. Yes, now you can stream your games, share the window, and other features similar to streaming. It means you can steam over Discord.

Q2. Is it better to use Discord on the browser?

Ans. Yeah, it is better to use Discord unless you need a more friendly experience. Using Discord on the browser offers the same experience as the app, so, no need to download it over the desktop.

Q3. Is Discord free on PC?

Ans. Discord is available on varied platforms on PC on the top list. According to Discord, there is no need to spend any amount to use Discord.

Q4. How do I log into Discord on my laptop?

Ans. To download Discord on your laptop, reference the steps mentioned earlier. So, concerning that, you can easily download it.

Q5. Is it illegal to ask for ID on Discord?

Ans. As per Discord’s official page, there is somewhat of an issue with asking for an ID. But, the recent incident proved yes it is illegal.