In today’s digital landscape, short-form videos have risen to prominence, revolutionizing the way we engage with online content. Platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels have become the epicenter of creative expression. Yet, the process of transforming longer video content into snappy, attention-grabbing clips can be both time-consuming and daunting. This is where steps in as a game-changer for content creators seeking to excel in the realm of short video content.

What is stands as a pioneering AI-powered tool that redefines the art of crafting compelling short videos. It effectively addresses the ubiquitous challenge faced by content creators – the transformation of lengthy videos into concise, captivating clips that resonate with audiences. Powered by the might of artificial intelligence, possesses the remarkable ability to automatically identify the most enthralling moments within a longer video and effortlessly extract them, creating shareable, attention-grabbing clips that capture the essence of the content.

Key Features of

Center Stage Facial Tracking

The heart of lies in its cutting-edge facial tracking technology. This feature ingeniously ensures that active speakers remain at the center of the screen, enhancing viewer engagement and overall watch time.

One-Click Animated Subtitles

Elevating your video content to the next level, offers a seamless one-click solution for adding animated subtitles. These subtitles breathe life into your content, making it more accessible and engaging for a wider audience.

Unlimited High-Quality Exports

Bid farewell to watermarked videos and embrace the brilliance of 1080p high-resolution exports. With, you enjoy unlimited high-quality exports, ensuring that your content always stands out.

Versatile Aspect Ratios

In the ever-evolving landscape of online platforms, flexibility is key. empowers content creators with versatile aspect ratios, supporting vertical, square, and horizontal formats. This ensures that your short videos are perfectly tailored for any platform.

Advanced Editing Tools

For those moments when automatic face tracking falls short, offers advanced editing and cropping options. These tools grant you greater control and flexibility in shaping your video content to match your unique vision.

Brand Presets

Consistency is the hallmark of a strong brand presence. allows you to infuse your videos with your brand’s identity by adding logos and overlays. This ensures a distinct and visually appealing brand presence in every video you create. AI YouTube Shorts generator

How to Use

Harnessing the power of is a straightforward process that streamlines your video creation efforts. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use this exceptional tool:

  1. Visit the Website: Begin by navigating to the official website.
  2. Paste Your YouTube Video Link: Once on the website, paste the link to your YouTube video into the designated field.
  3. AI Analysis: The AI will swiftly analyze your video, identifying key moments and potential clips for short-form content.
  4. Preview and Select Clips: Review the generated short clips and select the ones that align with your content objectives.
  5. Edit and Export: Choose your preferred clip and click the blue arrow icon at the bottom right corner. You can review the selected segment by clicking “open on.” If satisfied, proceed to “edit and export.”
  6. Customize and Publish: Customize the necessary settings and click the export button. Your short video is now ready for publication on your desired platform.

Is Free? extends a welcoming hand to content creators by offering a free Starter plan. This plan grants users 15 minutes of AI video analysis per month, making it an excellent starting point for those seeking to explore the tool’s capabilities. However, for more extensive and feature-rich usage, offers paid plans that cater to varying needs:

  • Lite Plan: Priced at $9.90 per month, it includes 5 hours of AI video analysis per month and 15 minutes of fast server-side exports.
  • Pro Plan: At $19.90 per month, users gain access to 25 hours of AI video analysis per month and 75 minutes of fast server-side exports.
  • Premium Plan: For $49.90 per month, enjoy the benefits of 100 hours of AI video analysis per month and 300 minutes of fast server-side exports.

What Types of Videos Does Support? thrives when dealing with videos containing spoken words and captions. This unique ability makes it an ideal companion for a wide array of video genres, including but not limited to:

  • Podcasts
  • Educational videos
  • Commentary videos
  • Product reviews
  • Motivational speeches

It’s important to note that’s effectiveness is greatly enhanced when videos have captions. Fortunately, YouTube auto-generates captions for most videos, simplifying the process of leveraging this powerful tool.

How Does Work?

The magic behind lies in its innovative use of artificial intelligence. This tool employs AI algorithms to analyze your longer videos comprehensively. It swiftly identifies the most captivating moments within your content and expertly extracts them to create short, shareable clips. The entire process is automated, saving content creators precious time and effort that would otherwise be spent sifting through their videos manually.

Pros and Cons of


  1. Time and Effort Savings: The automated process of streamlines video creation, saving content creators valuable time and effort.
  2. High-Quality Exports: Users can expect high-resolution exports without watermarks, ensuring professional-quality content.
  3. Versatile Aspect Ratios: accommodates various aspect ratios, making it versatile for different platform requirements.
  4. Advanced Editing Tools: The tool offers advanced editing options for greater control over video content.
  5. Multilingual Support: supports a wide range of languages, ensuring accessibility for diverse audiences.


  1. Limited Features on Free Plan: While the free Starter plan is an excellent introduction, it comes with limited features.
  2. Dependency on Captions:’s effectiveness is enhanced when videos have captions, which may not be suitable for content without spoken words.


In the dynamic world of content creation, emerges as a revolutionary tool, poised to redefine the landscape. By automating the process of crafting short, engaging videos, it liberates content creators from the technical intricacies of video editing. Whether you’re an experienced creator or just embarking on your content journey, is your trusted ally, ready to elevate your content and captivate your audience in ways previously unimaginable.


Q1: Can I use for free?

A1: Yes, offers a free Starter plan with limited features.

Q2: What types of videos are suitable for

A2: is best suited for videos containing spoken words and captions.

Q3: How much does the Premium plan cost?

A3: The Premium plan is priced at $49.90 per month.

Q4: Can I use for non-English videos?

A4: Yes, supports a wide range of languages.

Q5: Is suitable for videos without spoken words?

A5: It may not be as effective for videos without spoken content.