Call of Duty Warzone has a concept of kill streaks that are rewarded to the player when they eliminate enemies in quick succession. These rewards, or, I could say, kill streaks, can be powerful tools that grant you significant benefits on the battlefield. Choosing the right kill streaks is crucial for success in Warzone.

As you know ever, killstreaks have three major categories that are categorized into low-cost killstreaks, mid-tier killstreaks, and high-reward killstreaks. So understanding the different killstreaks and how they can benefit you is an important factor. For such concerns, here I will give you a complete overview of the different Killstreaks. 

Warzone Killstreaks: Packing a Punch for Every Playstyle

We have already said that Killstreaks in Warzone offers a varied categorization. These categorizations range from low-cost kill streaks to high-reward kill streaks. Each category comprises multiple kill streaks. And choosing the best Killstreak depends on your analysis. Unless you have sufficient details about each Killstreak, you cannot choose the best Killstreak for you. So, below, I am describing all the different Killstreaks.

Low-Cost Killstreaks

These are cost-effective and strategically valuable and are the best way to gain an advantage early in the game or throughout the match. Some of the available choices are given below.

Counter UAV 

This recon disabler disrupts minimal enemy obstacles with the ability to locate your squad and predict movements. From their very nature, it appears that such kill streaks are ideal for flanking maneuvers or pushing objectives. You can get this reward after doing at least 3 kills.


It seems like a classic Intel gathering that reveals enemy player positions on the minimal for a limited duration. As per different user experiences and our knowledge, it appears that UAVs are perfect for scouting enemy locations and planning rotations. You will get these kill streaks after 4 kills.

Cluster strike

One of my favorites unleashes a barrage of mini-explosives in a designated area. From such a nature, this Killstreak is effective for flushing out enemies from cover or securing high-traffic zones. You can get this kill streak after at least 5 kills.

Remember, each low-cost Killstreak costs a reasonable amount of Killstreak Points, allowing you to activate them quickly during the match.

Mid-tier Killstreaks

In advance of the previous category, this one is a bigger punch that provides offensive firepower or advanced Intel options. So here are some popular choices in this category.

Precision Air Strike

This Killstreak designates a specific area for a laser-guided airstrike, eliminating enemies caught in the blast zone. Due to this, it is great for taking down entrenched squads or clearing buildings. You can get this streak for at least 6 kills.

Mortar strike

Such a Killstreak launches a series of mortal shells onto a designated area, inflicting significant damage on a wider radius as compared to the previous streak. Because of this, it is effective at suppressing enemies hidden behind cover. Of course, for this streak, you need to have 6 kills.

Defence Drone

As the name suggests, this Killstreak reply is a deployable automated turret that itself fires at nearby enemies. That’s why it is useful for defending objectives or even providing cover while reviving teammates. For this, you need to have at least 5 kills.

Meanwhile, this category-based Killstreak requires a higher Killstreak point investment but provides a substantial benefit in terms of offensive capabilities.

High Rewards Killstreaks

This one would be the most advanced and highest-killstreak-capable choice that is reserved for exceptional performances. Here are some examples and initials to try.


One of those options is to board a heavy-armed helicopter that exposes a torrent of cannon fire and missiles in designated areas. For that, it seems useful for clearing large areas and eliminating multiple enemies. You can get this after doing at least 12 kills.

White phosphorus

Another option is to create a dense smoke field that blocks vision and damages enemies caught therein. It is perfect for disrupting enemy formations, pushing objectives, or even creating an escape route. You can try this, but you need to do at least 15 kills.

Support Helicopter

With this Killstreak, you can fulfill your need for offensive support for your team throughout its duration. As it provides continuous assault rifle fire and missile strikes on designated enemies. You can get this streak after doing 12 kills.

From the above discussion, it appears that high-reward kill streaks require significant commitment in terms of kills. However, their effect on the battlefield can be immense, potentially in your favor.

Choosing the Right Killstreaks: Dominate the Warzone Strategically

With such a wide choice, a conflict of confusion arises. For this, I tried and found that there are majorly two factors to consider while choosing any appropriate Killstreak. These two factors are playstyle and game mode. Suppose you play aggressively, then consider precision strikes and similar. For a supportive playstyle, choose counter UAVs. Meanwhile, by tallying the nature of each Killstreak and Playstyle as well as mode, you can find your relevant Killstreak. 

However, as per our observations, I found a few must-try combinations. These are for aggressive early games (get a combination of Counter UAV + Cluster Stroke), mid-game support (get a combination of UAV + Defence Drone), and late gamers (get a combination of Precision Airstrikes + White Phosphorus). Note that these are just experiments. You can try your own choice, if any.

Final Thoughts

To sum up the discussion, Warzone offers a diverse arsenal of killstreaks catering to various playstyles and situations. From intel-gathering UAVs to devastating guns, these rewards can significantly impact your performance. Remember, choosing the right kill streaks is crucial. Consider your play style, the game mode, and your squad’s needs to build a loadout that maximizes your chances of victory. Don’t hesitate to experiment and find the killstreaks that best suit your approach to warzone dominance.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What if I’m new to Warzone?

Ans. Start with low-cost killstreaks like UAVs to get familiar with the game mechanics. Focus on learning the map and key locations before diving into high-tier options.

Q2. How can I experiment with different kill streaks?

Ans. Play in plunder mode! It allows for faster respawns and more opportunities to earn kill streaks compared to Battle Royale.

Q3. What are the different categories of kill streaks in Warzone?

Ans. There are three major categories that you can refer to in the above guide.

Q4. How do I choose the right killers?

Ans. For this, you can refer to the section “Choosing the Right Killstreaks” above.