Creating and sharing videos has become second nature in the past few years, and having a reliable video editor at your fingertips is required. Because we all know the difference between a raw video and an edited result, fortunately, we have plenty of options on the market for video editing. However, from the very beginning, there was a need for a video editor that provided versatility and extensive features at an affordable price. But somehow, there was no such service.

Considering this, Microsoft came out and rolled out a feature-loaded video editor called “ClimpChamp,” a free-to-use editing tool loaded with all the required features that a video editor should have. Initially, this editing tool was owned by Transcode Central, but later, Microsoft acquired it in 2021 and made its service available to the user base. They included this editor in the Microsoft 365 commercial plan just two months ago. However, some users are still unable to use this service, so here we will guide you on how to use it.

Know Inside Out Microsoft’s Clipchamp: Your Free Video Editing Solution

Numerous video editing tools offer great service from their end. Nevertheless, somehow, when we are looking for such a video editing tool, we find that if any tool has a low price, it loses versatility, and if any tool has an app, it does not serve on the website. Meanwhile, we have plenty of video editors, but they all have downsides. However, after doing such a deep analysis, we found that Microsoft Clipchamp could be the best option this time. Because if you look at what Clipchamp offers, you would also say, “Yes, it is worth it.”

Clipchamp has various attributes, such as being easy to use, versatile, affordable, browser-supported, loaded with features, and having space for free and paid users. Look at Clipchamp’s free plan. It has unlimited watermark-free exports (rarely any editing tool offers this), up to 1080p HD export, free filters and effects, and free audio/video stock media. Meanwhile, it comprises all the basic editing tools and features that nobody would give for free. So, users are craving to use such a tool. To kick-start them, here are the steps to follow:

Before getting started, note that since Clipchamp has the valued benefit of both app and website access, you can use it from anywhere. Developers made this so that the usage experience is the same. The only difference is that you need to visit Clipchamp’s site on the web, whereas, for the app, you need to get it from the Microsoft Store. To use the app, follow the steps mentioned below, but skip steps 1 and 2 on the web. Instead of that, visit Clipchamp’s website.

  • Visit the Microsoft Store.
  • Then, search for Clipchamp and install it on your device.
  • Now, sign into your Microsoft account.
  • Afterwards, click “create a new video” and import the file you want to edit.
  • Next, drag and drop your media files onto the timeline to start editing.
  • Then click on the timeline for the specific video part you want to edit.
  • Following this, features like crop, trim, and rotation will be active there.
  • Use them as needed.
  • Similarly, click the “Add” button and select the item (text, music, effects) to add to your video.
  • Once you have made all your preferences, hit the “export” button and choose the format and resolution.
  • That is it! After a few minutes, your edited video will be saved to your device.

Start your editing journey with these steps, and once you do them multiple times, you will better understand everything. However, suppose you want to access more advanced features such as 4K video export, unlimited storage, and access to the premium stock library. In that case, you can subscribe to Clipchamp Premium for $11.99 monthly. After reading up to this point, you now understand what Clipchamp offers for free. So, do not delay and seize the opportunity.

Conclusively, we just want to say that if you are starting your career in video editing and looking for a free tool, ClipChamp would be the best option. We have showcased the special features you can get for free. However, always use the preview window to check the results before exporting to make your video editing more effective. You will also learn more as you regularly use it and practice video editing. If you have questions, feel free to ask them below.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Is Clipchamp good for beginners?

Ans. Its easy-to-use navigation is a good tool to start your video editing practice.

Q2. Does Clipchamp have a watermark?

Ans. It is a great thing about Clipchamp that they offer free video export without any watermark.

Q3. Are the audio files in Clipchamp’s stock library copyright-free?

Ans. Yes, the audio files listed in Clipchamp’s stock library are completely copyright-free.

Q4. Does Clipchamp have a time limit?

Ans. Clipchamp has a limit of 30 minutes for webcam and screen recording.