For a first-person shooter game, precision and accuracy are crucial things to consider. Furthermore, no two games exemplify this better than Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Valorant. However, if you are a seasoned CS:GO player, you have surely switched to Valorant. Here, you will see an improved anti-cheat system, more active development, and fresh gameplay.

Although both games are in the same industry, when you shifted to Valorant, you might have observed a difference in sensitivity settings between the two games. Being an experienced CS:GO player, I am sure that after switching to Valorant, you are facing issues with mouse sensitivity as you are used to CS:GO’s mouse sensitivity. So, do not worry; stick to this guide and learn how to adjust mouse sensitivity in Valorant.

Translating CS:GO Mouse Sensitivity to Valorant: A Step-Step Guide

While going through the research, we tried to examine why there is a difference in mouse sensitivity between both games, even though they are from the same industry. Subsequently, CS:GO and Valorant are first-person shooter games, but the field of view (FOV) differs. In CS:GO, the FOV is 90 degrees, while in Valorant, it is 103 degrees. This difference in FOV plays a significant role in adjusting mouse sensitivity.

After all, high mouse sensitivity helps the player take action quickly and react to whatever they see using FOV. The speed of these actions depends on the FOV and the player’s visibility. Players face differences in mouse sensitivity because of the difference in FOV. To bridge this gap, we tried to find some ideas to compensate for this difference. It is important to know that in CS:GO, with a FOV of 90, the mouse sensitivity operates at 1.0 (the standard setting) or any other value, depending on player preference. In value, it is 0.35-0.45.

To adjust the 1.0 mouse sensitivity in CS:GO to Valorant’s 0.35, players need to divide their CS:GO mouse sensitivity by 3.18 (the ratio of both games’ FOV, 103/90) to compensate, according to Valorant. For example, if your CS:GO mouse sensitivity is 2.0 and you divide it by 3.18, you will get a mouse sensitivity of 0.6289308176100629 in Valorant. Meanwhile, because Valorant has a wider field of view, 3.18 is the compensating factor. Some of you may still be confused, but do not worry; here is a quick look at how to do it exactly.

Note: Here is the conversion formula we used, which is generally applicable. The mouse sensitivity setting may vary as every player has a different playing style.

  • Launch CS:GO on your device.
  • Then go to the settings page.
  • Next, take note of your current mouse sensitivity value.
  • Now divide that number by 3.18.
  • Following this, you will get the mouse sensitivity value to be used in Valorant.
  • Afterwards, open Valorant and go to its settings.
  • Next, go to the General Tab and scroll down to the Mouse Section.
  • Then, enter your converted sensitivity setting into the sensitivity field.
  • Finally, save the settings, and you are done.

Once you comply with this conversion, you will notice that the consistency, familiarity, and performance you gained in CS:GO will transfer to Valorant. Additionally,

you will see your progress and the same growth in value as you experienced in CS:GO. However, after switching to Valorant and adjusting your mouse sensitivity, consider comparing your performance by trying different mouse sensitivities. Experimenting with different sensitivities is the only way to find the best mouse sensitivity.

Furthermore, in addition to considering the best mouse sensitivity, you should also consider DPI selection. If you are still getting familiar with DPI (Dots Per Inch), it measures how many pixels your mouse can move per inch. Having a higher DPI means moving more pixels in less time. With that in mind, we recommend choosing 800 DPI for 0.35 mouse sensitivity to achieve similar precision in both CS:GO and Valorant.

Converting your mouse sensitivity to match Valorant’s is a great idea to enjoy the same benefits as the previous game in the same industry. In this guide, we have explained how to adjust your CS:GO mouse sensitivity to Valorant. Additionally, aligning your DPI with that mouse sensitivity will create a great combination of these interrelated settings. I hope you now clearly understand how to change your mouse sensitivity for Valorant. If you still have questions, please feel free to ask them below.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How do I convert my CS sensitivity to valour?

Ans. We have provided instructions for this conversion above so that you can refer to them.

Q2. Are CS:GO and Valorant sensitivities the same?

Ans. No, due to the difference in FOV, mouse sensitivity also differs.

Q3. Is a higher DPI better for valour?

Ans. Of course, you must get accustomed to playing with such DPI to reap its benefits.

Q4. Does 1600 DPI reduce input lag?

Ans. This is a myth; high DPI does not result in lower latency.