The company has added two significant new features that would be pretty helpful. These features will start rolling out to all Android devices, but in phases, which means it will take some time before they are available to you once they are stable. Users can update their Google Keep through the Google Play Store, and here is a guide on how to use Google Keep with version history and text formatting.

The update feature must be enabled on the server-side component to be available, and Google will push these updates in the coming months. Today, in this article, we will be sharing a guide on how to use the new features of Google Keep. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at this.

Google Keep Version History

This feature will be accessible in web browsers but is not yet available. Likely, this feature will only be supported on the web, not Android or iOS.

To use this feature,

  • Open the note on the web or in the mobile app.
  • When you change your Google Keep note, it will save your changes in the version history.
  • Right-click on the Google Keep note to show the version history in the context menu. On the mobile app, it will show the app version option.
  • Click on the version you want to restore to see the changes.
  • That’s it!

Google is testing this beta feature and will gradually roll it out. It is still being determined how exactly this feature will work, but since Google Keep has sync functionality similar to Google Docs, it is expected to have a version history to restore and see changes.

This feature will ensure you keep your work on Google Keep. Another useful feature that may come to Google Keep is the recent visual redesign of the app on Android. After introducing the Pixel Fold, Google is pushing for a dual-panel UI for tablets, foldable devices, and Chromebooks.

Google Keep Text Formatting

Last year, this feature was introduced, and the company added text formatting. Now, the company has started rolling out this feature to everyone. After updating, when you open Google Keep, it will prompt you with the message “New! Format your text in new notes” on the homepage. This will work even on existing notes, which were not available before, and there was no option to do text formatting.

  • It will have a new underlined “A” icon after the “Plus” and background options.
  • When you select the text, it will open a bar that starts with Heading 1 (H1), Heading 2 (H2), and the existing paragraph “Aa” by default.

Google Keep has this new formatting behavior, which is standard and in line with other text editors. It will enhance your new notes on Android with text formatting. If you have yet to receive the update, wait for some time, as Google has started rolling out this feature, which is not officially available to everyone.