Microsoft officially released the new Edge browser with the new Bing, which is packed with a lot of new things. You will be surprised to know how well it has integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT power into the new Bing. Now you don’t need to type a specific keyword to get the information from the search engine; Bing introduced a new “Big Submit” box that allows you to enter 1000 words and be more precise to get satisfactory results.

Before going ahead, you might be wondering what this new Bing is. This is an upgraded search engine by Microsoft that now allows users to ask questions in a very natural way and get results by patching the information from the indexed websites on the internet. What makes it different from ChatGPT is that it allows you to do more and have active internet access.

New Bing

It’s not rolled out to everyone yet. It’s still limited access, and you’ll need to join a waitlist before Microsoft makes it available to everyone. However, it’s completely based on artificial intelligence, and it allows users to do more than just search. For example, you can create things with it, and it’s more like a personal planner. This is powered by the latest OpenAI GPT v4, which is the fastest version of ChatGPT Plus.

Bing Search is now a chatbox. As we mentioned, it’s now time to search precisely instead of asking queries with specific keywords. It allows you to write up to 1000 characters, so it can understand your queries deeply and provide you with a good amount of data with details related to your request. With this, you will be able to provide context and ask for specific instructions, and it will give you those or even a set of examples.

Bing Research

Unlike ChatGPT, which is limited by the massive data it was trained with, it is restricted to 2021 data, resulting in inaccuracy. You can now access real-time information with the capabilities of up-to-date information. Now, ask a question, and Bing will help you with more context searches and things related to your question. Furthermore, it will assist you further because it now provides you with the website details from which it patches the data for more in-depth information to verify the claims and things.

Bing Planner

If you want advice and don’t have much time for planning, you can now process a complex task by providing personal requirements such as meals, budget, location, time, requirements, and things to tell Bing about your plan in context. It will give you results and help you make plans. In the end, you are the one who makes the final decision and helps you do things more accurately.

Bing Creative

The most important piece of advice and things to consider is how to use Bing creatively. It unlocks a new level of creativity and imagination as Bing can now understand natural queries and respond to them. You can use it to your advantage by incorporating it into your creative tasks, such as writing a story that includes your friend or writing things that will inspire you.

class="wp-block-heading">Bing Chat

You can use Bing Chat with your follow-up questions, similar to a human. This is like an assistant. However, you can clear the question by clicking on a sweet little “clean up” button. It is now more responsive and features cities, so it is better than ChatGPT in more ways.

Bing search engine

Bing continues to give you a traditional way of searching because, with this, you can explore beyond what you have been searching for. It depends on your research skills and how you will use them.

Look into New Bing.

You can join the waitlist for the New Bing by heading over to, and you can download the new Edge to enhance the experience by downloading and installing the Edge Dev on the Insider Download page.