When looking for an AI chatbot tool, the only name that comes to mind is ChatGPT, a hard-working project from OpenAI that has paved the way in the industry. Whether you look at any of its features, you will find a unique quality that no other tool provides. Even though ChatGPT does not need any additional details, they are updating their chatbot to be more user-friendly. For sure, in the future, it will lead the industry.

When you see the entire update log for ChatGPT, you will find that they try to roll out a new update to the game almost every month. Last time, they made numerous additions to the July update, such as custom instructions, whether in beta or stable release. Likewise, they are again coming up with a new announcement, saying there will be an update for August 2023. So, let us have a look at what is new here.

How to Use the Features Rolled Out in ChatGPT’s August Update

There are plenty of additions available this month. ChatGPT has expanded its reach, and ChatGPT for Android is now available for download from the Google Play Store in the United States, Bangladesh, India, and Brazil. More expansion is already scheduled for next month. Furthermore, six new features have been added to improve the user experience.

The features range from prompt examples to keyboard shortcuts. Although these are small changes to the chatbot, they can make a huge difference. Some of you may need to learn what these features do or how to enable them. We have provided a guide to help you understand these features and activate them. Let us take a look at what these features are.

Prompt Examples

How to Use the Feature Rollout in ChatGPT's August Update

I agree that ChatGPT has a great mindset to deliver the best content, but how can it result in better outcomes without proper prompts? Previously, people had problems and lost time using ChatGPT for this reason. Nevertheless, developers have added a new concept of Prompt examples, which means a blank page showing in the new chat and some prompt examples so users can start better.

Suggested Replies

Another feature added to the August Update queue addresses the problem of people waiting for a reply. Now, ChatGPT allows you to make your conversation even deeper than ever. When you are having a usual conversation, alongside that conversation, you will see some replies or suggested replies so that you do not need to type the entire reply. This addition connects the chatbot even closer to the user and addresses their concerns.

Use GPT-4 as the default.

Previously, GPT 3.5 was used as the default chatbot version to search for results. However, they have now introduced GPT-4, a more advanced AI model. The best thing about this model is that it offers more accurate responses. The problem is that people need to switch over to GPT-4. The update has made things clear by offering GPT-4 as the default. From now on, when you search for something, the chatbot will, by default, work over GPT-4.

class="wp-block-heading">Keyboard shortcut support

How to Use the Feature Rollout in ChatGPT's August Update

The ChatGPT seems to be a part of every creator’s life, and such dedication needs a faster user experience. Being a content matter, typing is also a primary task. The August update has added keyboard shortcut support to ChatGPT to address such an issue. This means you can use shortcuts like CTRL + SHIFT + to copy the last code block, CTRL + L to see the complete list, etc.

Upload multiple files.

Before the August update, when users needed to analyze something and get insights, they only had the option to do that for each file. But now, users can upload multiple files and instruct ChatGPT to analyze them all simultaneously to reach out for the correct insights. However, note that this feature is currently available with Code Interpreter in beta for all Plus users. Remember to use it before uploading multiple files.

Stay Logged in.

ChatGPT has addressed the issue of logging out every two weeks. Although it may seem like a minor issue, logging out while actively using the chatbot can be frustrating. Developers have fixed this problem, so users can now stay logged in without interruptions. It is only possible to log out if you do it yourself.

In conclusion, ChatGPT is constantly enhancing its renowned AI service. They are actively fixing minor problems and rolling out new features, some currently in beta. As mentioned earlier, the features will be gradually released for users to enjoy. If you have questions about ChatGPT’s August update, please ask them below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Has ChatGPT been updated?

Ans. Yes, the ChatGPT mobile app has been updated.

Q2. What is the future of ChatGPT?

Ans. We will likely see audio and video outputs based on prompts.

Q3. What is the latest version of ChatGPT?

Ans. As of now, GPT 4 is the latest version.

Q4. Has ChatGPT been updated?

Ans. The developers have updated some features, but a few are yet to be updated.