This year the US is facing a severe heat wave, and to ensure the safety of its citizens US Government launched a new website ( to show the Real-time conditions of the heatwave in their area. They have also included tools to beat the heat to avoid serious heat waves.

To ensure there won’t be any misinformation about the extreme heath and to avoid taking precautions against heat-related illness and death. Heat kills more people in the US compared to any other weather disaster. On the other hand, Summer affects differently person-to-person.

The website’s primary goal is to provide actionable information that helps citizens navigate the risk. Deaths from a brutal heatwave can become potentially avoidable by taking precautions (Which include avoiding physical activity outdoors and keeping your body cool by taking shelter.)

Excessive Heat Awareness and Safety
Courtesy: NWS

Officials are asking people of the US to be prepared for more extreme heatwaves and after Weather, likely a significant storm. You can check the Heath-Index and the forecast to stay update-to-date with the pieces of information. Check these cities with the highest rating for the heatwaves and the number of emergency departments that visit healthcare for heat-related problems.

Currently, more than 39,000,000 US citizens (1 in 10 People) are experiencing extreme heath-alert. Half of the US population is under a heath advisory, and Weather predicted to be rise more in the upcoming days. Grown hooter due to Global climate changes getting higher, US Projected 8.7° F by the end of the century. Not to mention, such conditions will become more frequent with climate change.

American forecasters have warned about the danger of dehydration and exposure due to the dangerously high temperature. National Weather Service US and local officials have urged people to stay indoors and avoid strenuous activities in the scorching Weather.

Several cities have issued heat emergencies and opened cooling centers in public buildings. State authorities have also urged people to take advantage of public pools. And they have asked to leave the pool every 10 Minutes o find shade and to avoid dehydration.