Google Chrome is among the most popular web browsers on Android and is preinstalled on Android devices. People love to use Chrome on iPhones and iPad. Despite the platform, it is advised to update your Google Chrome to avoid Serious security risks.

Google released an update to enhance Safe Browsing.

An update has been rolled out globally, and this is the fourth Chrome zero-day to be patched this year. This is one of the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE) listed in Public disclosed computer security flaw. Google is urging its Android and Windows users to update their Chrome browsers.


“Google is aware that an exploit for CVE-2022-2294 exists in the wild.”

Recently, a high-severity vulnerability (CVE-2022-2294) led to a weakness in real-time web communication (WebRTC). It is known as Heap buffer overflow in WebRTC, which occur when a specific length of memory buffer is trying to allocate in a small (that is too small to handle that fixed-length memory buffer). This all leads to arbitrary code execution or DoS (Denial-of-service) condition.

Jan Vojtesek reported this from the Avast Threat Intelligence team in July 2022. Talking about WebRTC, it is solely responsible for supporting Video, Voice, and generic data so it can stabilize communication between peers. Developed by Global IP Solutions (GIPS) in 1999 and later acquired by Google in 2011.

What is Head-based Overflow

MITRE State, “Heap-based overflows can be used to overwrite function pointers that may be living in memory, pointing it to the attacker’s code. When the consequence is arbitrary code execution, this can often be used to subvert any other security service.”

Chrome is the first proper in-browser solution for Voice and video communication solutions. However, Google doesn’t share in-depth details about this; instead, they prioritize updating their browser to avoid further exploitation of the vulnerability. Hence it is advised to update Google Chrome to resolve this issue.

How to Update Google Chrome on Windows or Mac

To Fix such a vulnerability, you need to update your Google Chrome. Most likely, your Chrome has been updating automatically. On Windows, Google releases Chrome 103.0.5060.114 for Windows and 103.0.5060.71 for Android.

  • Open Chrome Settings.
  • Head over to About and then to About Chrome *; you can navigate to chrome://settings/help.
  • Over there, it will show the update status. If not updated, it will prompt you to update and start downloading the latest version.
  • Once it is updated and installed, you must restart your Google Chrome.
  • Done.

How to update Google Chrome on Android

The latest version of Google Chrome is live on Google Play Store

Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search for Google Chrome, and tap on it to open the page.
  • Tap on an update, and Wait for it to finish updating.
  • That’s it!

Noteworthy: Other Chromium-based Browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, and others are likely to receive the update quite imminent. Since it’s an Open-Source project, So Check for the update.