Google has released the latest update to the Google Camera, rolling out to the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, as well as older Pixel smartphones. The update, version 8.7, includes a new feature called Macro Focus Mode, which automatically focuses on a subject when taking photos at close range.

What’s New in Google Camera 8.7

This feature can be adjusted in the device’s settings under Composition and is enabled by default. This update follows the launch of Google’s new series of smartphones, which typically include exclusive features in addition to previous ones.

The Macro Focus feature uses 2x zoom and can be turned off in the device’s settings if desired. This is a useful feature for taking close-up shots, and users will be notified if it is disabled. In addition, Google has reintroduced the double-tap action for zooming with this update. This feature allows users to zoom from 1x to 2x or switch between the rear and front cameras, and can be adjusted in the device’s settings.


GCam V8.7

Frequent Faces has also been reintroduced in this update, prioritizing the people you photograph most frequently while using Top Shot. It also helps to adjust skin tone more accurately and recommend the best photos. Rest assured that all data processing and storage for this feature is done locally on your device, and can be deleted if desired.

Google has removed the long-press to launch Google Lens from the Google Camera, now using it to tweak focus lock. Google Lens is now a dedicated mode that can still be accessed by selecting the Google Lens Mode. However, many users may find the long-press feature to be a useful tool for quickly scanning QR codes and searching for information.


Google Camera Port

The icons for Motion Mode and the Settings icon have been redesigned and the gear icon for settings has been moved to the upper-left corner of the screen. A locked folder can be accessed by long-pressing the shutter button. Night Sight Shots now have the ability to fine-tune the amount of exposure time taken and this can be adjusted by tapping on the indicator on the right side of the zoom slider.