Upcoming 5G Will Increase Connection Density In Per Square KM

Since the announcement of 5G, We all are excited to know when will it come and what major effects it
could do on us. As an upgraded network, it confirmed that the upcoming network upgradation will be a
boost for the national economy as well as individual Internet usage needs. Among them, A question
arises what could be the connection density per square kilometre after the arrival of 5G.

As of now, the 4G Connection supports around 1Lakh connections per square kilometre. And we know
the surfing speed with the 4G connection. Alongside, the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) has
invited applications for Spectrum. So, Telecommunication companies get to grab the right to offer 5G

Moreover, the officials are claiming that the 1 lakh connectivity per square kilometre will increase 10
times with 5G connectivity. Alongside, Government Introduced a PLI Scheme that boosted the Indian
economy and also affects over 5G connections. However, It takes some more time for
telecommunication companies to start 5G offerings.

Altogether, the arrival of 5G will surely increase the connection density per square kilometre. It means
the mobile users will increase in a particular kilometre of area. So, be ready for the upcoming boost to
be seen with the successful arrival of 5G networks the long-last dream of India.