Realme has recently started working on there latest smartphone that was quite interesting in terms of the design and expected a lot of new features to be debuted. However, the design of the device seems to be refreshing with a centrally aligned camera sensor surrounded by a golden finish. Meanwhile, the Complete Black unibody design language of the device surfaced online last month. Hence, Realme CMO posted a Tweet confirm the device has been taken down, So let’s take a closer look at the device and Know why?

Why Realme Masterpiece got cancelled- Reason?

The realme Masterpiece designed with an intension of low-visibility of the camera sensor hides with the black glass surfaced by a Reflective surface. Whereas, the all-black body design highlights with the Golden edges of the glass. Meanwhile, the design of the device was highly extreme and its primary set for a Gaming Centric smartphone.

This means the device going to have a Top-Notch Configuration, But the design elements of the device didn’t anticipate makes it difficult for Realme to make the device commercially. Therefore the Reame India CMO Francis Wang tweeted about the device by saying the device was Extremely beautiful. There the device camera module set to inevitably reduce the battery capacity of the device.

Here, the device was not fir perfectly in terms of placing the camera and higher battery at the same time. Which makes the design of the device not to be perfect. However, there was a solution to make it worth but it costs the weight and the thickness of the device. Which doesn’t seems to be a great solution for the idea. obviously, the prototype of the Realme was Quite anticipating and Catch a lot of eyeballs after the device surfaced online.

Additionally, As of now due to limited technology they were not able to adjust the camera on the flat to eliminated the camera bump on the rear panel. At the same time, the battery size but he confirmed they were working on something better design so we could expect more devices with more advantage from Realme.

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