Twitter introduced the $8 Subscription fee for Blue Tick and later released the Official Grey tick. All the adjustments and changes need to be clarified. This is because Some Blue Ticks are Geniune, some are paid, and Some are official with the grey tick.  

However, Many Scammers can actually look to scam other people, which could go seriously wrong. Also, To avoid misinformation, you must be aware of Simple pranks and parodies.  

The Eight Dollar Chrome and Firefox extension was released by GitHub users Will Seagar and Walter Lim. It displays who paid for verification and which users are verified. For this, all you must do is install it, and it will show the verification status on the screen without requiring you to do any action from the user’s end.  

This chrome extension helps to identify the difference between the Verified and Paid for Verification, which appears on the place where verification used to appear, on the Right-side of the handle. It appears on the home page and everywhere the verification check appears.  

Like Twitter Blue Nerd, several alternatives are available, which show the Verification bade-shaped nerd emojis. Else, Twitter Verified Account Sunglasses where replace the paid verification with the brown poop emoji. Else try Equal Twitter and Here is the guide to adding the extension to your browser.  


Eight Dollars

  • Open the Click for the extension you want to add.  
  • Click on Add extension and wait for it to finish.  
  • That’s it, Visit Twitter, and you can see the difference between the users who paid for blue checks and who are verified.  

After Elon acquire Twitter, we have had a lot of changes in recent times. This results in impersonating others on the platform, and those fake accounts are most likely to take this opportunity to scam others.  

The verification process is currently divided into two groups, one for accounts that are noteworthy in government, news, entertainment, or any other particular category. At the same time, others are paid for blue ticks. It’s clear once we don’t click.  

You need to check for account authenticity without an extension by clicking on the blue check. Twitter has become like a joke for the past couple of days. Once you add the extension, refresh your Twitter stream, and you can see the difference.