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Guys, If you want to open the Clock app Quickly. For this, You can Scroll your Notification Panel and Click over Clock App, Which Let you open Clock app. Similarly, the Battery Page But There is Some Android Skin like MIUI. Which doesn’t Support Battery Page Icon on the Notification panel.

Recently. There is an Update on Google Map Which let you Set your Departure time. So it Can Suggest the best time for your Departure and Total time is taken. Also, you can Set the Arrival time Similar to Departure. It really a Handy Feature in Google Map.

We all Know that Xiaomi Manufacture a ton of Quality Product in China at Low Cost. But Now Xiaomi introduced the ShareSave App Cross-Border e-commerce in India. There is also Xiaomi-Partner Companies Product for Purchase. This also allows you to Paire-up WIth your Friends to Buy Same Product at Discounted Price.

Okay, Now for Windows Users. Basically, We locked our Windows Screen using Windows + L. But Sometimes We are in Hurry and Forget to Lock. No Worry Because Windows has Dynamic Lock Enable. You can Enable in Windows Setting and then paired With your Smartphone. Now When you are Far from your WorkStation it Locks automatically.

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No Doubt, Pubg is One of the Most Interesting Game but Car Radio is annoying. You can disable it by Going Setting to Car Setting and disable Radio.

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