Instagram introduced an extra level of security to protect the hacker or from any unauthorized access, Two-Step verification does exist but most of the users don’t use it. Developers expect to see a huge peak among users to see the 2FA authentication.

2FA used to be on top of Biometrics or PIN-Based Login, if you wonder how you can enable it on your account then in this article we will be sharing a guide to enable 2FA on Instagram using Whatsapp. Follow the following instructions mentioned down below.

Enable 2-Step Verification

It is quite straightforward to set up 2FA on Instagram using WhatsApp before proceeding to ensure that you have an active Whatsapp account.

  • Open Instagram and head over to your Profile
  • From there, click on the vertical-line menu
  • Click on Settings and then Select Security
  • Now, Select Two-Factor Authentication
  • Click on “Get Started” and then from the security Method choose “Whatsapp”
  • Verify your Phone Number, enter your Phone Number and then enter the Security Code.
  • Enter the 6-Digital Code and Click Next to Confirm your action.
  • That’s it!


Don’t share your Personal Information with anyone, even if the end-person claim to Instagram Employee.

So, This is how you can enable 2FA on Instagram using Whatsapp. It is quite easy there are two different methods you can use. On the Security Method, you have two other options for 2FA, Which include Authentication App and SMS 2FA service. If there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.