Last week, Google announced Android 15 Developer Preview 1, but they have temporarily disabled the OTA images because of the corruption issue. They have already warned that there could be an issue with sideloading the Android 15 DP 1, because of which Google recommended users flash the factory image to test the device instead of sideloading the OTA system image.

The corruption issue mostly occurred on the Google Pixel 8 Pro; apart from this, there are other major issues that users have been facing with Android 15 Developer Preview 1. Below, we have shared the troubleshooting guide for some of the common issues that users were having. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at this.

Android 15 Common Issues Troubleshooting

Before proceeding, we should know about the known issue with Android 15. Google is actively working on these issues.

Android Platform

  • Face Unlock appears to be trimmed or cropped.
  • PIP mode disappears in rotation before the PIP transition.
  • Locked SIM Card: On the unlocked device, it asked for a PIN to unlock the SIM card.

Android Studio and Tools

  • Android 15 Preview API Level isn’t displaying in the Preview configuration window.
  • The latest SDK isn’t available when checking for updates.
  • Android 15 SDK isn’t available in Target SDK Version or Mini SDK Version.
  • Android Virtual Device fails to launch in embedded mode, and it also shows as Office if ADV launches and then reboots using adb reboot or another method.
  • The issue with Android Emulator, which prevents apps from being redeployed to an ADV after ADD is closed.
  • Android emulators do cause hearing device accessibility shortcuts to open multiple settings and app windows.
  • Android Emulator causes authentication flow in the app to fail and displays the “Google Play Services keep stopping” promotion.
  • Android emulator can also cause SimplePerf to crash when running CPU Profile.
  • Android Emulator also causes languages listed in the system language settings to display incorrect characters.
  • Android Emulator also causes QR Code scanners to display “Something went wrong message and failed to launch.”
  • Viewfinder for Android QR Code scanners is also cropped or resized to a smaller size on some ADVs.
  • Skia isn’t compatible with the Android 15 Preview SDK, which means it prevents 3D mode from being enabled in the layout inspector.
  • Android Studio also causes Device Management to temporarily stop the display of the “Missing system image…” warning message after the SDK platform is added or removed.
  • An issue with the Android emulator prevents Google Discover from loading in some cases.

So these are the known issues that will be fixed over time, and if there is any other error that you cause, then you should report those issues.

Fix Bluetooth Not Working

If your Bluetooth isn’t working as expected, you can try reconnecting.

  • Open Device Settings, then head over to the connected device.
  • After that, select the device, then long-press the device to select Forget Device on the confirmation page.
  • Now, repair the device to connect the preparations to your mobile.

Fix a camera that is crashing or not working.

Some reports say the camera on their device isn’t working.

  • Open Device Settings, then head over to Apps.
  • After that, tap on All Apps, then choose Camera.
  • Now tap on Force Stop, then on OK for the promo.
  • Now, re-launch the camera to see if it is working fine or not.

Fix Wi-Fi is not working.

  • Open Device Settings, then go to Network & Internet.
  • After that, click on the Internet, then simply use the toggle to disable Wi-Fi.
  • Now wait for it to reconnect, and then check if the Wi-Fi is working or not.

How to Fix Android 15 Battery Drainage and Overheating

This is another major problem that users have been reporting; it’s quite common because it’s still in the early stages of deployment. There are a few potential solutions that you can try. Here are the following troubleshooting steps:

Disable adaptive charging

  • Open Device Settings, and then head over to Battery.
  • From there, go to Adaptive Preferences and then toggle to disable adaptive charging.

Restrict app battery usage.

Some apps might be consuming more battery in the background.

  • Open Device Settings, and then head over to Battery.
  • Then go to Battery Usage and look for the app that is consuming more battery in the background.
  • Tap on the app, then under App Messages for the past 24 hours, choose Restricted from the menu.

Do restrict all the apps that you think are consuming more apps than they should be.

Disabled Physical Activity Permission

Apps like Samsung Health, which do keep running in the background, try disabling those apps.

  • Open Device Settings, then head over to Apps.
  • From there, look for an app like Samsung Health, and after selecting it, choose Physical Activity Permission.
  • Then toggle to change its permission from allowed to don’t allowed.

Enable Backup of Videos via Wi-Fi

If you have enabled backup via mobile data, then switch to Wi-Fi only.

  • Launch Photos, then tap on the profile picture at the top.
  • Then choose Settings, then Backup and Sync.
  • Now disable the use of mobile data for backup videos.

Disable adaptive connectivity.

Disabling it will extend your battery life and also improve the device’s performance by automatically managing network connections.

  • Open device settings, then head over to the Network and Internet section.
  • After that, go to adaptive connectivity, then use the toggle to disable to further help resolve the issue.

Reset your device.

In the end, you have to reset your device to reset the device’s existing settings. By resetting your device, you can get back to the device’s original state, which does not require resetting the device. Further, check if this helps with resolving the Android 15 battery drain and overheating issues.

Encountering these issues is quite common; sometimes it’s either a battery drain issue or the day-to-day usage related to cameras, Bluetooth, and such.