Roblox boasts an impressive global community of over 50 million active monthly users. It is merely a top entertainment platform for especially kids and adults providing flexible accessibility, and embracing users’ inner creativity with diversifying social interaction. Meanwhile, Roblox is a combination of social interaction and game development with a touch of user-generated content.

On the other hand, Roblox is an in-platform currency that helps you to run Roblox’s virtual world. Using Roblox you can personalize your experience with numerous things like clothes, upgrades, game access, etc. Sometimes when your friend is new to Roblox, he needs some Roblox to survive. But you don’t know how to transfer Roblox. So here we will explain it.


  • Both your and your friend’s accounts should be at least 1 month old
  • Ensure you have sufficient Roblox balances to share
  • For direct Roblox transfer, the requirements say that at least one of you has an active Builders Club membership.

Available transfer options

Now you have a keen knowledge of the things to be done before transferring Roblox to your friends’ accounts. At this moment the motive is to know the procedure that needs to be followed up. Look there are majorly three methods with each comprising a specific advantage. So, let’s have a look at each one.

Direct transfer

This is one of the finest ways to transfer Roblox to your friends. Because with just tapping a single button, your Roblox will be transferred. However, you should note that you your friend or anyone else should have an active Builders Club membership. Also, there is a daily limit of transfers based on your builder club tier, like 1000 Roblox for classic club members. Apart from that there is a 24-hour cool down before you can send Roblox to the same recipient again. So, have a look at the steps on how to do a direct transfer.

  1. Open the Roblox application.
  2. Then tap on the Hamburger icon there.
  3. Now click on your Roblox balance at the top.
  4. Next, select Transfer Roblox from the menu.
  5. Afterwards, enter your friend’s username in the search bar and select them from the list.
  6. Now insert the desired amount of Roblox you want to transfer.
  7. Lastly, confirm the transfer and you are done.

Group Funds

This method of sharing Roblox seems a dynamic option that suits those who don’t have a builder club. Also, the best part about this option is no limit on fund transfers. However, only the group owner can initiate payouts. In this method, Roblox takes a small percentage (usually 20%) as a fee on every payout from the Group fund pool. So, without any delay now look at steps to initiate Roblox share via Ground Fund.

  1. Simply browse the Roblox directly
  2. Find your friend’s username and click on the Create button.
  3. Now give a name to that group and adjust further settings, if want.
  4. Following this, Your Group is ready to do Group funding.
  5. Next Head to the group page on the Roblox website.
  6. Click on the Group Funds Tab.
  7. Select Contribute and enter the amount of Roblox to add to the pool.
  8. Afterwards, head to the group fund tab and click on the one-time payout.
  9. Enter your friend’s username and Roblox amount to share.
  10. Lastly, Hit the distribute button.

Gifting Limited Items

This way of sharing Roblox is the most unique one as it has no restrictions as you saw in the previous options. Even Gifting items has its benefits such as potential value increase, opportunity to get In-game utility and of course, personalization is on the top. I mean in this way, Instead of sharing Roblox you can gift your friend the thing that he wanted to buy from Roblox. So let’s understand how to initiate Roblox transfer as a Gifting Item.

  1. Open Roblox and browse the Catalogue.
  2. Then choose the thing that your friend wants to purchase for which he asks you for Roblox.
  3. Now select the thing and buy it.
  4. After that, Tap on the Gift option and Enter your friend’s username along with a personalized message.
  5. Lastly, Hit the Confirm option and you are done.

Security and Precautions

Being a thing related to money, does not matter In-game currency then here are most chances that you get a hunt for any spam. For this, we tried to observe the records and loopholes that can cause problems for you. Fortunately, I have a few security and precautionary tips that you should follow, so have a look at them.

  • Only transfer to trusted friends
  • Double check username before transfer
  • Keep communication open to confirm the transfer receipt
  • Report suspicious activity if any found
  • Be aware of phishing attempts
  • Stay away from third-party websites

Final Thoughts

To Sum up, there are various methods for transferring Roblox to friends, each offering its advantages and considerations. Whether using group payouts, trading items, or utilizing the group revenue distribution feature, users need to assess their preferences and needs. Encouraging readers to share their experiences and ask questions in the comments section can foster a helpful community where users can exchange insights and tips.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Can you gift people items in Roblox?

Ans. It is allowed but up to some acceptable level.

Q2. Can I buy Robux and gift them?

Ans. You need to buy a Robux gift card that you can give.

Q3. Is Roblox safe for kids?

Ans. There is no risk but if parents take a look at what their kids do would be recommendable.

Q4. Can Robux convert to money?

Ans. Of course, you can convert Robux into US dollars.