Today, we will share some of the best TWS (True Wireless and Stereo) earbuds under Rs 10,000. We have recently shared the best budget TWS earbuds under Rs 2,000, which you can check out. The category under 10K is considered the best choice for most users because, in this segment, you can get an almost flagship-level experience for this price.

The Best TWS for Rs 10,000 with Top-Notch Features

We will share all the essential things you will be getting with these. Without further ado, let us take a closer look at this.

Sony WF-C700N

Sony announced the successor to the Sony WF-C500. The upgraded Sony WF-C700N comes for Rs 8,990. It comes with multi-point connection support, connecting two devices simultaneously and allowing users to switch seamlessly.

Best TWS for Rs 10,000 with Top-Notch Features

The C700N comes with impressive active noise cancellation, which is good. The audio quality is balanced; however, it does require more treble definition. Sony uses the AAC and SBC codecs instead of high LDAC or LDHC support. Voice calling is not extraordinary, nor is the battery life, which is just 6 to 6.5 hours with a total playback of 13 hours compared to others on this list.

Sennheiser CX Plus

This was launched two years ago but still holds up well to this date. The price tag for this is Rs 9,990. The sound quality of this is impressive. If you love mid-tones, you will find this amazing, as the lows and highs are balanced.

Best TWS for Rs 10,000 with Top-Notch Features

It does not offer great percussive instruments, but noise cancellation, battery life, and mic are decent. Additionally, it has a handy Skip Multi-Point connection.

Jabra Elite 4

You can get this for around Rs 6,499. The audio quality is impressive for the price, especially the bass, which does not rumble. It does keep the natural timber to the vocals and is tuned with great detail, including treble. However, female vocals sometimes have some trouble.

Best TWS for Rs 10,000 with Top-Notch Features

The microphone is suitable for general use but struggles to pick up the voice when there is much sharp ambient noise. The noise cancellation is reasonably good, which has much to do with excellent passive voice isolation.

Nothing Ear 2

You may have heard of the first generation, which was good, and recently launched is the Nothing Ear 2, which comes with a price tag of Rs 9,999. It has a unique transparent design that offers distinct sound quality, with a notably better sound stage and resolution than others.

class="wp-block-image size-large">Best TWS for Rs 10,000 with Top-Notch Features

The balanced equalization is also better, delivering a great listening experience with a reasonably balanced sound signature across all sorts of songs. However, it goes overboard to amplify the trebles, as the high notes sound too loud.

The company offers an app where you can use the advanced EQ option to enhance the frequency according to your preferences. These earbuds also have extraordinary active noise cancellation and call quality, although they could sound simulated sometimes. The battery life only offers 3 hours of playback with noise cancellation enabled, which is not good.

Samsung Buds 2

This is value for money, as it costs Rs 6,499 and works even better with Samsung smartphones because it provides exclusive ecosystem features like AutoSwitch and the Samsung SSC codec. Regarding audio, Samsung has been using the Dual Driver Setup, which means separate woofers and tweeters help this TWS tune well.

Best TWS for Rs 10,000 with Top-Notch Features

It has good sound, instrument separation, and detailed audio across genres. Call quality is also lovely; however, it struggles with sound suppression, particularly in loud areas.

OnePlus Buds Pro 2R

It does come with an IP55 rating. You can get this for around Rs 9,999, similar to the flagship OnePlus Buds Pro 2. It has a V-shaped sound signature, is considered aggressive, and carries strong bass and treble. OnePlus also allows users to create a custom EQ. The microphone and noise cancellation are stable but could be better.

Best TWS for Rs 10,000 with Top-Notch Features

Oppo Enco X2

Best TWS for Rs 10,000 with Top-Notch Features

This comes at INR 9,999, making it the best pick for this price. It does have accurate tonality. Oppo also lets you choose the Dinario-tuned EQ, but the default Enco X classic suits most users. However, there are no custom EQ options.

Active noise cancellation is the best among others. There is also a multi-point connection, unique wireless charging for audio, and adaptive ANC, making this the best option for the price.