AutoCAD is a computer drafting software that is commonly used in construction and design-related fields. Many users believe that Chromebooks cannot run AutoCAD, as it is typically run on PCs. However, as a daily requirement for freelancer designers, it is possible to use a Chromebook as a resource for running AutoCAD.

If you have a dedicated PC or laptop, it is possible to run AutoCAD on it. However, for those who have Chromebooks and wish to use AutoCAD, there are technical ways to do so, even though officially it is not supported. In order to run AutoCAD on a Chromebook, it is necessary to utilize these technical methods. Let us continue and learn more about this topic.

Best ways to run AutoCAD on Chromebook

Without a doubt, Chromebooks are known for their simplicity, speed, and security when it comes to completing PC-related tasks. However, AutoCAD is a software that is essential for many creative users.

Unfortunately, Chromebooks do not have an official way to run AutoCAD. Instead, there are other relevant methods that can be used to run AutoCAD on a Chromebook. These methods may vary and it is recommended to carefully research and consider the options before attempting to use AutoCAD on a Chromebook.

Install a Linux operating system on your Chromebook and use AutoCAD for Linux.

After analyzing the various methods available, we have identified two major pathways that can be used to run AutoCAD on a Chromebook. Without further delay, let us examine these methods in detail.

Use Web browser

One way to run AutoCAD on a Chromebook is through the use of a web browser. While this method may not have all of the capabilities of a PC version of AutoCAD, it does allow for editing geometry, accessing draft tools, and using the command line and other standard features.

The overall experience is generally satisfactory, although there may be some delays when drafting for 3D programs. To use AutoCAD in a web browser, simply visit the AutoCAD website and access its standard utilities.

Use Parallels Desktop

Even though you may have access to AutoCAD on a Chromebook, it may not offer the same experience as a Windows PC. However, if you want a complete one-to-one experience with AutoCAD, Parallels Desktop can be a great option. Parallels Desktop is a window container that allows you to run the full version of Windows.

Currently, Parallels Desktop is only available to business customers.

However, the IT department can enable the use of proprietary and full-featured Windows applications, including AutoCAD, on Chrome OS devices. To run Parallels, you will need a Chrome Enterprise upgrade. To ensure optimal performance, the following hardware is recommended:
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or i7
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • SSD: 128 GB

In addition to the hardware requirements, you will need to have a Google Admin account to run AutoCAD on a Chromebook. As of now, these are the major ways to run Windows native apps on ChromeOS. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can Chromebooks be used for drawing?

A1. Yes, if you are a drawing enthusiast, a Chromebook can be a great tool for you.

Q2. Can I use AutoCAD on my Chromebook?

A2. Yes, refer to the above methods to run AutoCAD on your Chromebook.

Q3. Which drawing tablets work with Chromebooks?

A3. The Wacom Intuos and the One by Wacom are drawing tablets that work with Chromebooks.

Q4. What laptops can run AutoCAD?

A4. Laptops that have decent hardware configurations can run AutoCAD.