Video games are the best way to keep the mind fresh and active. Also, the current market trends are forcing developers to introduce something more innovative. However, the video gaming market already consists of various additions. As you remember, last year, many video game developers announced their upcoming arrivals.

Moreover, there is not a specific gaming title to be launched in the year 2022. Because the sources revealed almost 40 upcoming video games to be launched this year, So, video game enthusiasts must check out this full article. Because we’ll be talking about more of the Top 40 Upcoming Games Announced Last Year [4K] here.

Upcoming Games Announced Last Year [4K]

Well, the developers did not reveal too much information about the upcoming video games to be launched in the year 2022. However, in order to provide an estimate, we have prepared a table that includes the upcoming 40 game titles, as well as their release date and platform.So, without wasting any time, let’s take a look at the below-given table.

A Plague Tale: RequiemTBA 2022 PC, PS5, XSX|S, Switch
Sifu8th Febr 2022PC, PS4, PS5
Kirby and Forgotten LandQ1 2022Switch
Splatoon 3TBA 2022Switch
The Day Before21st June 2022PC, PS5, XSX|S
Six days in FallujahQ4 2022PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox one, XSX|S
IsonzoTBA 2022PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox one, XSX|S
SoulsticeTBA 2022PC
Saints Row Reboot23rd Aug 2022PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE,XSX|S
Frostpunk 2TBA 2022PC
The Outer Worlds 2TBA 2022PC, XSX|S
Boundary TBA 2022PC, PS4
Terminator Dark Fate: DefianceTBA 2022PC
Elex 21st March 2022PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE,XSX|S
Spider-Man 2TBA 2023PS5
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic — RemakeTBA 2022PC,PS5
Company of Heroes 3Q4 2022PC
Horizon Call of the MountainTBA 2022——-
Project EveTBA 2022PC,PS5,XSX|S
Dawn of the MonstersQ2 2022PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE,XSX|S, Switch
Dead Space RemakeQ4 2022PC,PS5,XSX|S
Star Wars EclipseTBA 2022TBA
Sonic FrontiersQ4 2022PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE,XSX|S, Switch
ARC RaidersTBA 2022PC,XSX|S, PS5
Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine 2TBA 2022PC,PS5,XSX|S
Wonder WomanTBA —-TBA —-
Star Trek ResurgenceQ2 2022PC PS4 PS5 XSX|S
The Texas Chainsaw MassacreTBA —-TBA —-
RedfallSummer 2022PC,XSX|S
AftermathTBA —–PC, PS5, XSX|S
SpectreTBA 2022PC
PaliaTBA —–PC
Alan Wake 2 TBA 2023PC, PS5, XSX|S
Lies of PTBA 2023PC,PS5,XSX|S, Stadia
Dragon Ball the breakersTBA 2023PC, PS4, PS5, XSX|S, Xbox One, Switch
Marvel Midnight SunsQ3/Q4 2022PC, PS4, PS5, XSX|S, Xbox One 
BitCraftTBA 2022PC
RoboCop: Rogue CityTBA 2023PC
Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora2022 PC PS5 XSX|S Stadia Luna

After having a proper look at the above-given table, You all know about the upcoming video game title to be launched this year. Hopefully, we can now expect that you all have accurate content about the top 40 upcoming games announced last year [4K]. With regards to this, if any user has any queries, please share them with us in the comment section down below.