Oneplus gives a case at the time of purchasing the phone to protect your shiny from unwanted scratches but, many peoples are quite different as they want something new and unique because the case given by one plus is the very ordinary transparent case, it is good in quality but people prefers other types of cases available in the market. We will tell you the cases ranges from $5 to $50.

So, today we will mainly tell you about different cases for one plus 8 and 8 pros available in the market and at what price, you can buy them.


  • Purchase those case which is convenient for you.
  • Links are given to buy the specific case.
  • You can also change the colour of your case.

Top 10 Best one plus 8 and 8pro cases April 2020 are –

• Oneplus Sandstone Bumper Case

The OnePlus Sandstone Bumper case is one of the best cases for the 8 Pro because it is a first-party case. It costs about $25. And it is also capable of 8 pros also. The OnePlus had a sandstone back But, it also adds thousands of grip to the back of the OnePlus 8 Pro. OnePlus is offering the Sandstone Bumper Case in two colours: Black and Cyan. So you can choose which colour you like.

You can buy it through the official site of one plus. And also through the link given below

• Spigen Rugged Armor

The Spigen Rugged Armor is always a really compatible case for any phone.
It costs you around $13. It is a somewhat rugged case from Spigen, that will helps you to keep your phone protected. But it’s also not very thick. It is basically a TPU case, but a bit thicker. It has a carbon fibre look at the bottom and the top.

• OnePlus Karbon Fibre Bumper case

OnePlus 8 Pro Karbon Fiber Bumper is one of the best-looking cases available for the 8 Pro till now. It costs you around about $40. It’s got a carbon fibre back that looks incredible. It also is pretty thin. But it cannot much protective as Spigen Rugged armour.

You can buy it from the oneplus website or through the link given below

• Tudia Merge

It is basically a dual-layer case and looks like a plain smartphone case.
It costs you approx $11. But, due to dual-layer case, it becomes thicker than the others, because of it jas a TPU layer which enables the case to protect the back of the phone And also a hard layer from the outside of the case.

• Ringke Fusion-X

It is also one of the smartphone cases as it helpful for those who drop down their phones or Doing the drop test. It costs you around $14. It is mainly made for impact resistance as even if you throw your oneplus, so it cannot break your phone. Now, you can imagine how much resistivity it has.

• Pulen TPU Case

It is a simple clear TPU case which enables you to show off your Glacial green or Ultramarine blue colour of your oneplus 8 pro. It costs you around $9. In this case, you have any power button or volume button option as well as an alert slider which is a good thing for your smartphone.

• Osophter Flexible TPU case

The persons who want TPU case but not so much thick and also have some addition of grips, so they can go towards this flexible TPU case. It mainly costs you approx $8. Osophter Flexible TPU Case comes in a different number of colours including red, blue, grey and black. So, it will be a great variety of colours for you.

• Anccer thin fit

The Anccer thin fit is not much suitable and protective case on this list but is helpful for those users who don’t want to add any bulk or weight to the phone. It cost you around $13. Precise cutouts and options are available for easy access to all ports, buttons, and features. It is not currently available on amazon so, you can try it whenever it is available.

• Sucnakp TPU case

The Sucnakp TPU case allows excellent protection without adding too much bulk or thickness on the device. Reinforced corners help with shock absorption A raised lip keeps the display and camera free from scratches and other damage, the buttons are covered, and Even, precise cutouts for easy access to all ports are available. It is not currently available on amazon so, you can try whenever it is available. The below link leads you to buy this case –

• Ranyi Slim Leather-Style Case

It is not the real leather, but Ranyi’s leather-style case does a good job at mimicking the real thing, with a leather texture laid over the top of its resilient TPU. That texture feels nice in the hand and helps you to keep a safe grip on your phone. It costs you around $9. You can download it from its official website but it is a very rare item, you might get a problem to buy it.

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