We’ve all seen Instagram’s extensive data usage; it uses a lot of data to pre-load upcoming reels and videos so users don’t have to wait for the post to load. It is quite useful to have this functionality, but sometimes we might exhaust our daily usage so fast that we don’t realize it.

Most people use cellular connectivity instead of Wi-Fi, and it is important to save data for later consumption. If you are also experiencing this and want to enable data saver on Instagram along with some useful tips, then here is the guide to look into.

How to enable Data Saver on Instagram

Instagram itself give an option to use less data on Instagram, You can follow the following steps mentioned down below to effectively allow Instagram to use less data.

Noteworthy: After enabling the Data Saver on Instagram, Content may take longer time to load. 

Also, if you want to make it more effective, you can disable the High-Resolution Media, but it’s only available on Android.

How to Disable High-Resolution Media

  • Open Instagram, and then head over to Profile.
  • Go to Account, and then Tap on the Cellular Data Use.
  • After that, Choose High-Resolution Media and from there choose Wi-Fi Only.
    How to Enable Instagram Data Saver to Reduce Instagram Data Usage
  • That’s it!

Install and Use Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite is only available for Android devices using the Lite version, which is especially designed for Android Go devices. Download the app from the Google Play Store, and it will help you with less data consumption.

It has all of the necessary features and is nearly identical to the Instagram app; check out Instagram Lite and see if you can spot any potential differences.

Enable Data Saver

By enabling data saver you can save more than across your apps. This feature available on both Android and iOS. Checkout the following guide mentioned down below.

For Android

  • Open Device Settings.
  • Head over to Mobile Network.
    How to Enable Instagram Data Saver to Reduce Instagram Data Usage
    How to Enable Instagram Data Saver to Reduce Instagram Data Usage
  • Go to Data Usage.
  • Enable from there and That’s it!

For iOS

  • Open Device Settings.
  • From there, Click on Mobile Data.
  • That’s it!

Instagram is one of the most data-hungry apps, and the above-mentioned tricks help to decrease data usage while using Instagram. Also, this will help you to ensure that your Instagram doesn’t use much data on your device. The Instagram Data Saver really comes in handy when some people have limited data plans and internet speed.