Samsung is one of the world’s most significant home appliance, TV, and smartphone companies. Despite facing tough competition from many companies, Samsung remains a leading brand and upholds its standards. Many consumers consider buying Samsung devices over cheaper or Chinese brands.

There is much trust and a promise of quality associated with Samsung devices. However, in recent years, the company has also offered various support options and has positively impacted consumer mindset. Nevertheless, something is wrong with Samsung, especially in India. Many reports have surfaced online about Samsung India.

Samsung India Poor Consumer Support, Sales Support, and Repair Quality

This comes after Indian users have shared their experience with buying smartphones that were delivered broken. Not only that, they are also concerned about the quality of Samsung’s after-sales support. You can find various complaints on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit, where users share their experiences buying Samsung devices.

Samsung India has been proven to have the worst sales support.
Courtesy: Samsung India’s Customer Support Page

In those posts, and even when users try to contact Samsung, they face difficulties connecting with Samsung representatives. There needs to be more communication, particularly with after-sales support and services. Some users have mentioned that Samsung India has to deal with delayed orders. When they contact Samsung India, there needs to be clearer communication regarding the delay or appropriate shipping dates.

Regarding after-sales support, Samsung India responds very late, leading to frustrations. Some users also find themselves stuck in a loop because Samsung India needs to convey or help users understand before resolving the issue.

Green and Pink Lines on Samsung Device without Physical Damage

Many users have been facing green and pink lines on their Samsung devices. However, this issue is wider than just Samsung devices; other devices, including Apple devices, have also experienced this problem. This often occurs after software updates, indicating no physical damage. Samsung has officially announced that they will replace faulty screens for free, but Samsung India’s service center is not following this policy.

Samsung users with devices showing green and pink lines have reported that Samsung India has rejected their devices and denied them a free screen replacement. Not all Samsung service centers in India follow this directive, as they charge consumers for screen replacements even though faulty screen panels cause the issue.

Samsung India needs to take action. Not all users can reach higher authorities or directly communicate with Samsung India. This is why Samsung should provide clear instructions to their service centers, specifying that customers with this issue are eligible for free repairs.

Alternatively, these users can contact popular influencers or submit their concerns on forums. However, only some have the knowledge or ability to do so. General users may end up paying for the screen replacement even though they are eligible for a free replacement.

class="wp-block-heading">Samsung’s Poor Quality of Repair

If customers can get their devices repaired, they often need a better experience with the repair process. When the device is returned from the service center, they may find that the buttons are faulty and no longer click properly, glue is sticking out, or the water-resistance seals may be damaged. This issue is not limited to smartphones but also affects TVs and home appliances over the years. This overall experience could be better, as Samsung’s quality of repair is unacceptable. Instead of improving the device, they worsen it, even after customers have waited long. Some have reported waiting almost a month before receiving their devices from the Samsung Service Center.

Samsung Repair and Replacement Cost

The cost of repairing or replacing the devices is relatively high, and the company needs to pay attention to Samsung India’s behaviour of not providing free repairs or replacements.