This is a simple task puzzle game like others, but the company changes the graphics and the gameplay area in this game. Overall this is the new addition of the Pokémon game series.


  • You can make new friends in a game to help you with each work.
  • This game is a task puzzle game.

Interesting Gameplay

In this game, you are the owner of the café, and all the Pokémon are your customers and game gives you the new task to play every day which is compulsory to complete because this task gives you currency of the game and this currency is very useful for making a café attractive, and this attractive café gives you a new customer that helps you to level up.

The currency of the game

Every game has a currency and reward that helps the player to unlock new things and levels this game also have a currency that is golden acorns which helps you to unlock new things, and it also has a reward which helps you to go level up.

Release date

The pre-registration of the game is officially open start on play store, and the expected release date of the game is 24 June 2020.
Note: this date is not a confirmed date.

Supported devices.

This game required a minimum of 5.0 OS to play, and it supports every size of memory because it is a small bit in size.

Sizes of game.

The size of the game is not confirmed because the company are not announced officially about the size, but the expected size is between 200 MB to 400 MB.
Note: This site is not a confirmed size.

Features of Game.

This game contains many Pokémon which helps you to make café attractive and these Pokémon are unlocked one by one according to your reward and game also gives you free 6 Pokémon every month. Which also helps you to level up.

This game gives you to chance to make new friends, and you can change your Pokémon with your friends also, and your friend also helps you to make your café attractive and take you to the next level. Every level of this game contains a new task that task is very interesting than other puzzle game.

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