Smartphone companies and the competition in the market know no bounds, which is why the smartphone market witnesses a new smartphone launch every other day featuring a whole innovative range of technology and specifications at economical costs. Oppo manufacturing companies launching stunning smartphone designs with fulfilling specs does not make the challenge any easier for the competitors.

As if the competition was any easy already, Oppo decided to step it up with the launch of distinctive camera features and a fascinating outlook of the Oppo F21 Pro smartphone. Keep reading to discover what is so new in Oppo F21 Pro that everyone can not stop talking about it.

Why Should You Consider Buying Oppo F21 Pro?

To determine if this latest gadget by Oppo is a wise purchase, do know that the Oppo f21 pro price in Pakistan is “65,000 PKR, and in this price range, the smartphone manufacturing brand has launched only one 4G variant that runs with a processor of Snapdragon 680 SoC chipset.

It is the wrong processor to install at this cost because many of Oppo’s competitors offer way high-performing processors at a lower price. However, since F21 Pro is not specs-sufficient, it is all about the camera and design that will undoubtedly blow your mind.

Gorgeous Design:

The rare side of the smartphone is made out of Vegan Leather, which provides a very matte yet glossy look, along with never-before-witnessed fingerprint and smudge protection. The texture, accompanied by the device’s lightweight, provides a no-slippery hand grip.

Wonderful Captured Images:

RGBW-Supported Sensor:

Usually, we see camera sensors in smartphones are RGB-supported, so it is Oppo; what can we even expect? But good surprises. In Oppo F21 Pro, RGBW-supported installed camera sensors sense white light, enhancing the color and providing depth to the object in focus.

32 MP Front Camera:

Its 32MP Sony IMX709 front camera sensor avoids all the shine from the backlights and focuses your face only on giving those clear and focused selfies, or you can turn the back stinging light rays into a beautiful blurred scene with its impressive portrait mode.

Rare Cameras And Display:

The 64 MP primary and 2 MP depth camera give you touched-up professional-looking shots while keeping original colors, depth, and noise cancellation to check whether the lights are good.

With a 6.43-inch AMOLED full HD+ screen, the “In-Display Fingerprint Scanner” is simply a chef’s kiss. All praise to the sole initiator of this commendable feature in the middle-price range, Oppo.

System And Battery:

The operating system of F21Pro is supported by ColorOS 12 justifies all the high operational plenty of accessibility and in-phone features.

4500 mAh battery capacity can easily last through daily social activities and usage, and its 33W charger only takes 60 minutes to charge. In addition, “Night Optimized Charging” mode let the device control its charging rate while you get a goodnight’s sleep.

Things That Could Have Been Better:

The major turn-off is its Snapdragon 680 SoC Processor because it is readily available in various low costing smartphones, so why pay a higher price for below-average performance? That’s one question we would love to get the answer to from Oppo.

Bloatware takes up a considerable amount of original internal storage. The absence of an ultrawide camera, at that, causes the F21 Pro to lose its credibility. Because a microscope camera may be a fitting brag, it can not replace the value that an ultrawide camera adds to the smartphone. To find out more and find answers to further queries related to Oppo F21Pro, visit pricehut.

Final Verdict:

With the launch of Oppo F21 Pro, the Oppo mobile phone intended to prefer stunning looks and design over the handset’s specifications. But, brag-worthy specs like low-light camera sensors, night-optimized charging, and in-display scanner make up for all the performance lags and average processor performance.