After testing One UI 6 for the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung has started enrolling Galaxy S22 users in One UI 6.1 Beta. Recently, Samsung has rolled out the One UI 6 Beta 3.1 to the Galaxy S23 series, releasing it ahead of Google’s announcement of Android 14 for their Pixel updates. Samsung is closer to finalizing One UI 6 with Android 14, and the company is still rolling out the beta version to certain devices.

The Galaxy S22 is the latest device to receive the beta after Samsung rolled it out to the Galaxy S23, Galaxy A54, and Galaxy A34. We expect Samsung to expand the number of devices that will receive the beta in the future. So far, they have released the beta for the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy A54, Galaxy A34, and Galaxy A24. Samsung has upgraded its firmware support policy from 2 to 3 years, providing four major OS upgrade options.

One UI 6 Beta for the Galaxy S22 Series

Android 14 brings many updates, and Samsung’s Customised Skin based on Android 14 has some additional perks. You can read everything you need about Samsung One UI here. Some of the highlights of One UI 6 are the Revamped Quick Settings Panel, New Improved Emoji, Default Font, Tonnes of Notification Changes and Improvements, New Custom Camera Widgets, Personalisation Options for Lockscreen, and Improved Album Art Display.

You can read more about the top features of OneUI 6.1. Under the hood, more features are likely to be available. Samsung will also use the Android 14-based Material UI design alongside its custom design or language. However, OneUI 4.1 does look great, with many elements that have been updated. Users have criticized Samsung for laggy animations, which are said to be improved, but elements have been adjusted to appear more modern and reduced.

Major changes have come to the Quick Panel. When users swipe from the upper-right corner of the display, they have notification areas to access settings and notifications easily. Not only this, but there are also a few more customization options that allow you to set background images and new camera widgets that give specific storage for certain photos in advance.

Further, the One UI 6 Beta brings new features and improvements to the Samsung keyboard, Quick Panel, Modes, and more. It allows you to install the latest Android security patch released in September 2023 to improve system security.

It aims to offer more productivity and better privacy and security. The Beta 6 update brings many little refinements to Android 13 as a whole, and the Quick Panels have a new look that allows users to navigate more easily. The UX has been slightly tweaked for a better experience, especially to make it more enjoyable.

With the recent update, One UI 6 Beta 3 will give you more control over your apps. You can choose which apps you want to update. Users can select the apps that will be updated when installing a new Android version. You can select the app that will be updated and the system update. Any app that is not chosen needs to be updated manually.

Samsung Emoji has also updated its emojis, which now look more fluent compared to the last 2D-style emojis. This is said to improve with more details and contours.

Register for the One UI 6 Beta

If your device has beta access to One UI 6 Beta, you can register for One UI 6 Beta.

Samsung's One UI 6 Beta Program lets Galaxy S23 users download the new One UI 6 Beta Firmware, which has new features for Samsung Android 14 beta.
  • Download and update the Samsung Members app from the Galaxy Store or Play Store.
  •  After that, launch the app. On top, there will be a slider banner that will notify you about One UI 6 Beta.
  •  If you see a banner that says One UI 6 Beta, tap on it and then register for the beta.
  •  After enrolling, you can download the One UI 6 Beta via OTA. To do this, open device settings and go to System Update.
  •  From there, check for updates. If an update is available, you can download the OTA update to upgrade to One UI 6 Beta.

After registration, you can try the new software and submit feedback to Samsung about any issues. The rollout includes access to the beta on the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Download One UI 6 for the Galaxy S22 Series.

The update is available to download via OTA in the United States and South Korea and is expected to expand to Germany and India in the coming days. The One UI 6 Beta is also available for Exynos and Snapdragon.

  • After enrolling in the beta, you can download the One UI 6.0 Beta from the system update.
  •  That is it!

As of now, there is no direct link available for the firmware. We will update the OTA firmware update, allowing you to sideload. All you have to do is rename the.bin file and then proceed via ADB.

  • Galaxy S22 (S901NKSU3ZWIA)
  •  Galaxy S22 Plus (S906NKSU3ZWIA)
  •  Galaxy S22 Ultra (S908NKSU3ZWIA)

One UI 6 Beta 3 is available for the Galaxy S23 Series with critical bug fixes. You can download One UI 6 Beta for your Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. The updates do not bring new features but improve performance and fix bugs for a better experience.

Samsung has noted that this beta version is the first to use new features and experience various user experiences, but since it is a beta, there may be bugs, crashes, and other issues. Although there are some other changes, such as an improved Stock app, redesigned media player widgets, and more customization options for Galaxy Phones,

List of Eligible One UI 6

These devices will receive One UI 6. However, the beta is unavailable, but these devices will get the update in the coming months.

  • Galaxy S23 SeriesGalaxy S23,
  •  Galaxy S22+
  •  Galaxy S23 Ultra
  •  Galaxy S22 SeriesGalaxy S22
  •  Galaxy S22+
  •  Galaxy S22 Ultra
  •  Galaxy S21 SeriesGalaxy S21
  •  Galaxy S21 FE
  •  Galaxy S21+
  •  Galaxy S21 Ultra
  •  Galaxy A-SeriesGalaxy A54
  •  Galaxy A53
  •  Galaxy A34
  •  Galaxy M-SeriesGalaxy M54
  •  Galaxy M53
  •  Galaxy FoldGalaxy Fold 2
  •  Galaxy Fold 3
  •  Galaxy Fold 4
  •  Galaxy Fold 5
  •  Galaxy Z FlipGalaxy Z Flip 3
  •  Galaxy Z Flip 4
  •  Galaxy Z Flip 4
  •  Galaxy Tab S9Galaxy Tab S9
  •  Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra
  •  Galaxy Tab S8Galaxy Tab S8
  •  Galaxy Tab S8+
  •  Galaxy S8 Ultra
  •  Galaxy Tab S7Galaxy Tab S7
  •  Galaxy Tab S7+

List of Devices that Will not Receive the One UI 6.0 Update

A few devices will not receive the update for One UI 6.0. These devices will continue running on Android 13 and receive security patches.

  • Galaxy S10 Lite
    •  Galaxy S20 SeriesGalaxy S20
    •  Galaxy S20+
    •  Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Galaxy Note 10
    •  Galaxy Note 20 SeriesGalaxy Note 20
    •  Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
    •  Galaxy Z FlipGalaxy Z Flip (LTE/5G)
  •  Galaxy Z Fold 2
  •  Galaxy A22
  •  Galaxy A32
  •  Galaxy A51
  •  Galaxy A71
  •  Galaxy Tab A8
  •  Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
  • Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2020)
    •  Galaxy Tab S7 SeriesGalaxy Tab S7
    •  Galaxy Tab S7+