After the introduction of ChatGPT, everyone is using it to enhance their productivity, and companies are also starting to integrate it into their products and services. You can use it for many services, like custom design, connecting to Spotify, and even verbal communication with ChatGPT. Today, in this article, we will share some of the best ways you can use ChatGPT to do more and take it to the next level.

Link to the Internet

OpenAI has recently released the ChatGPT app for both Android and iOS. Despite this, there are a lot of features that are accessible via the web app.

Best ways to take ChatGPT to the next level
  • Open your web browser and search for the Web Chat GPT extension.
  • Add Web Chat GPT with internet access from the Chrome Web Store.
    •  Next, visit and then toggle the bottom to enable web access. It also has the option to choose a search engine and other filters you can tweak according to your preferences.
  •  When you request any query by writing the prompt or inputting it in the text area, it will generate a response, but this time it also accesses the internet.

It also shows the generated response for your search query on the right sidebar, where it shares the top-search research answer alongside the response it generated for quick reference.

ChatGPT Music

To use this feature, you must have GPT-4, available only to ChatGPT Plus. To enable the beta feature, head over to your profile, then go to settings, and from the prompt, go to beta features to enable plugins.

After enabling the plugin, go to the GPT-4 option and then to the Plugin Store. Search for Playlist AI, install it, and then you can ask for any music, like creating a playlist of Indie songs for 2022.

After submitting the prompt, it generates a playlist and creates one for you. Click on the Playlist link, which takes you directly to Spotify, where you can start listening. This comes in handy for creating playlists or making fresh recommendations. You can also share the playlist or invite others to refine it.

Use ChatGPT everywhere.

To use ChatGPT everywhere in your browser, download the ChatSonic extension from the Google Web Store. Once added, you can use it anywhere in your web browser, like assisting with writing fresh emails or replying.

Ask what you want to generate, select the tone, and then hit Reply, which will generate a response. Under the hood, it uses the OpenAI GPT-AI model. It is quite handy to use, and you can easily write anything. You can even use it on X (formerly Twitter) to generate social media posts. You can also use it in Google Docs, comments, or anywhere you need to write or say something in a text area or box.

class="wp-block-heading">AI Fitness

This is another great plugin that you can add to your ChatGPT. To access ChatGPT-4, you must have ChatGPT Plus and enable the beta feature. After that, install the workout generator. You can ask for fitness, workouts, diets, or similar things. It includes important pictures for your reference, along with video links.

Custom GPT Design

If you don’t like the appearance of ChatGPT, download and install the Botrush Browser Plugin. Once installed, go to ChatGPT; on the right side, you will see the Botrush dialogue box.

From there, you can adjust some things, like the color scheme, font, or any other appearance, based on your preferences. You can try 832 different combinations based on your preferences.

Instant summary

Best ways to take ChatGPT to the next level

If you are reading something or doing research for your work, there is an extension called ChatGPT Summary for Chrome. Download it from the Google Chrome Web Store, and if you are watching any video or reading an article, click on the extension icon from the toolbar, and it will start generating a summary of the content.

From the Summary with ChatGPT settings, you can modify the initial prompt it uses based on your preference. Long articles can easily be summarised for you to check if the article is worth reading or not.

Generate memes

You can create really funny jokes with the Meme Creator plugin. Add this plugin, and you can create a meme using the creative tool after enabling it. After submitting, save the image and share it with friends or social media.

Generate bars and graphs.

This is another area where ChatGPT could be helpful. Add the “Show me the diagram” plugin, and ask anything you want after adding it. After submitting your response, it will attach the diagram for your reference. You can visualize your data or convert it into graphs.

Alternatively, you can use the “” plugin, which helps you convert your data into pie charts or any other type of bar chart. You can click on the graph to gain insight into the diagram.


You can play games in ChatGPT. Add Chess and TickTackToe, then start the game after enabling the plugin. Since you are playing this inside ChatGPT, you can ask questions and get replies or help for your next move or suggestion. This makes the gameplay experience altogether better. This could be your coach, which makes things better.

Talk to ChatGPT.

Best ways to take ChatGPT to the next level

Lastly, a cool new web-chrome extension called “Talk to ChatGPT.” Add this to your Chrome, and on ChatGPT, you have a box on the upper right. From there, start, and you can use your microphone to type with your voice, just like on mobile. Here, it responds by talking or through the speaker. Eleven Labs allows you to have an API key, which allows you to have other voices that look and sound better. So, aren’t these things amazing? Try using ChatGPT to do more.