Now those days have gone when we tucked a cloth material collar into the neck of our pets. Today innovations are coming with new avenues mainly to make the experience as hassle-free as possible for pet owners. Previously, pet owners needed to take care of their pets. We now have plenty of smart collars on the market that allow pet owners to monitor their pets’ activity.

Some of you think smart collars may harm our pets, however. However, we reviewed them and found that Smart Collars are not harmful to pets. They are completely safe. Even though people have less knowledge about Smart Collars and that is a major reason they don’t switch to such useful devices. We will discuss everything about it, including some of the best collars, in this article.

Best Smart Dog Collars to keep track of your pet’s activity

Smart Dog Collars are GPS-connected gadget that links with a dedicated app. It lets you track your dog’s activity, and location, keep him safe, and take care of his health. The majority of people, however, are aware of these basic things. Let’s examine what we get specifically to get in-depth knowledge.

Tracking and locating

The foremost feature of this Smart collar is its ability to track and locate. Wherever the dog is, you can monitor his complete activity and see what he is doing. Whenever he loses, you can bring him back with the help of a smart collar. The only thing you need to do is open the companion app you got with your smart collar, and you can do whatever you want to do to keep track of and locate your dog.

Monitoring activity levels

Essentially, this is the second feature that we saw in the Smart dog collar’s companion app. We can view the level-by-level activity details of our pets with this feature. This will include what he does daily, how much he eats, and what other things he does during the day. By doing so, we can keep an eye on his health if any deviations are displayed by the app.

Assistance with training

To prevent your dog from showing unwanted aggression, you can use the assistance with training feature. With this, you can control how your dog should behave. Even when you are not with your dog, it needs a lot of attention. If you aren’t with him, they can display aggression and may cause dog fights. Using a smart dog collar, you can train your dog only through an app.

Facilitates communication

In Smart Dog collars, there is a cellular antenna that catches up with real-time signals to allow the dog to communicate with the pet owner. As an example, if a dog barks, the app will tell you that he is barking. Similarly, the app shows all the feelings of your dog such as happy, unhappy, angry, relaxed, and many others. Apart from that, you can add accessories like Petspeak that provide your dog with the ability to speak.

After knowing these special attributes of a smart dog collar, you might be wondering to know how such a collar facilitates communication between your dog and you. It is a GPS connection that makes everything possible for smart dog collars. It is almost like a car GPS tracker, but it has a lot more than that. Now you know more about smart dog collars, their features, and how they work. But today there are plenty of Smart Dog collars and that’s the space where pet owners are confused.

Thus, we began our research and considered a few things pet owners want. There may be a price difference, a subscription fee, a feature, and many other factors. We found a few smart dog collars that satisfy all the pet owners’ needs after a long analysis. So, let’s take a look at all of them and choose one that suits you the best.

Smart Dog Collar NameQuick Description Pros Cons
Fi Smart dog collarThe first tracking pet collar to use LTE – M low power and long distance cellular network. It makes a sense as AirTag do but even without iPhone.Speedy Escape AlertsLonger battery lifeEngaging Social featuresHigh quality hardwareLong lasting batterySlight downside in learning curveNot good for dogs under 10 pounds.
Made to ROAM Premium dog collarA smart pet collar having flexibility and double layered nylon webing for toughness and rigidity. It has large D ring for quick leash attachment.Made with premium material Sturdy latchHigh quality metal bucklesLarge D ring for quick and easy leash attachmentHuge ROAM logo and even non-removableSometimes buckle mechanism jams up
SpotOn GPS dog fenceOne of the first GPS fence for dogs with which we can do plenty of things like pet’s daily activities, controlling his agreesion and man more. But sometimes the collar size seems unsufficient.World’s first GPS dog fenceCan choose collar size from 10″ to 26″Equipped with GPS technology like as GLONASS, Galileo and BeidouBaftery last upto 18 hoursLooks tight for dogNeed improvement in material quality
Tactive LTE GPS dog trackerThis is not a smart pet collar but can make your ordinary pet collar into smart one. It has a GPS that made a specified area for your pet as safe zone. Additionally,you can keep a track of your pet.Simple and easy to use companion appStylish and functionalSmall and lightweightMade with comfortable materialPoor battery lifeOverpriced 
TagVault Pet Air tag dog collarA TagVault product having capability to track your pet with made up of soft materai. Here you can get different variants and choose the best variant collar as per your need. The Ultra rugged attribute is the special thing about it.Ultra rugged collarSoft and flexible materialWide range of modelsReplacement Guarantee for Pet destructionBulky for smaller petsPermanent holes in collar
Whitsle Go ExploreAn Ultimate health and location tracker for your pet. Here you can exercise complete day activities of your pet including heart rate, respiration rate and similar things. Additionally, it works as an AirTag Alternative.Made with Soft and flexible materialTrack dog’s location in real timeCollar is resistant to water and dustCreate a safety zoneNo web interfaceLag for initial notification only when pet is out of safe zone

Now I hope you have got the best smart collar for your dog. Despite that, the collars have a few downsides as well. Your dog’s respiratory and heart rates are collected, as well as signal issues and battery failures. In the upcoming days, we can hope all these things will improve. Even after such a detailed explanation, if any user still has a question, then ask them below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are smart bark collars safe for dogs?

Ans. It is safe for dogs but note that such a collar is fitted with the dog’s neck and not tied up that for more than 12 hours.

Q2. Can dogs sleep while wearing smart collars?

Ans. It is recommended to remove smart collars at the time of sleep.

Q3. Do experts endorse the use of smart collars?

Ans. Experts also suggest using smart collars for your pet.

Q4. Which smart dog collar is considered the most intelligent ever developed?

Ans. Fi’s GPS smart collar is the best and most intelligent smart collar developed ever.