Microsoft is doing a great job these days, as they recently released the Windows Terminal Canary, allowing users to access the “Hot off the Presses” feature. This is not the first time Microsoft has done something like this. You should know that the Canary Channel was initially introduced in March 2023, where developers offer a preview space for changes in the Windows kernel and new APIs.

Users can expect to encounter many bugs and glitches in a testing space. However, it replaces the old Windows Console host for running command prompts, PowerShell, or any Linux command. We all know that when a new feature is introduced in Windows, it goes through numerous phases. Nevertheless, with Terminal Canary, one more stage has been added where users can try out features in early access. So, let us seize this opportunity.

Unlock the Future of the Command Line: Installing Windows Terminal Canary!

Windows previously had a dedicated space where they tried out new features before the final release. Nevertheless, in the recent release from “Christopher Nguyen, the Product Manager introduced a new lineup for testing new features called Windows Terminal Canary. This lineup will be much different from the usual Windows terminal. Here, users will receive daily updates, and above all, they can try out new stable features alongside experimental ones.

In this way, users can have more access to experimental features that mainly focus on developers, bug testers, and early adopters. However, being a preview space for experimental features, users may encounter instability compared to the Windows Terminal. Moreover, by joining Windows Terminal Canary, users have multiple benefits, such as staying ahead of the curve and having early access to experimental features. To avail of these benefits, let us try joining this new space.

Note: If you already have Windows Terminal installed on your PC, Canary will be installed alongside it. You can switch between both versions by right-clicking the Windows Terminal icon on the taskbar and selecting your desired version. Also, note that this version is only available for Windows 11 users.

  • Visit the Windows Terminal GitHub repository.
  • From there, go to Assets and click on the download link for the App Installer.
  • Next, save the installer file to your PC.
  • Afterward, double-click the installer file to start the installation process.
  • Then click on the Install button and let the process complete.
  • Lastly, click on the Close button, and you are done.

Once you finish the above instructions, you will see Windows Terminal Canary installed on your PC. You can launch it by searching for it in the Start Menu or the taskbar. However, alongside this installation, make sure not to use this build in a production environment as it is the most unstable version. Apart from that, its benefits are waiting for you, such as trying out every new feature, whether experimental or not, helping Microsoft identify and fix bugs, and more.

Mastering Windows Terminal Canary: Top Tips and Tricks

As we have explained, Windows Terminal Canary seems beneficial for those who want to try experimental features. However, there are numerous downsides to using it. One of the foremost things we have found is bugs, which will indeed be reported in this testing channel. Taking note of this, below we are sharing a few tips that can minimize that risk.

Keep your Canary installation updated.

The Windows Terminal Canary is full of bugs and produces new updates daily. It is agreed that being a repository of experimental features, it contains bugs. But if you have the latest update for such a channel, the chances are meager that you will encounter bugs or glitches there.

Report any bugs you find.

Merely looking at this tip, it is not just a tip but a duty. You have joined this space to figure out bugs in new releases and report them to developers so that, ultimately, the final release of that update becomes stable and the users at large do not get disappointed.

Provide feedback on new features.

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Another thing to minimize the downsides of Windows Terminal Canary is feedback. If you provide genuine feedback and suggestions for their actions, the resultant outcome will be something you have yet to consider. This is the primary aim developers want to hear from you.

Conclusively, developers added one more line to test their future releases in the hands of bug testers. Previously, if any new feature was going to be released, it first went to Windows Terminal and then went public. But now, after Windows Terminal, a canary version has come out where testers can check out experimental features, too. From these clues, it is evident that Microsoft is working hard to make its future releases competent. So, let us see what more they are trying to release.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Is Windows Terminal an emulator?

Ans. Yes, Windows Terminal is a multi-tabbed emulator.

Q2. What is the Windows Terminal used for?

Ans. It is used for running multiple command-line apps in a customizable form.

Q3. Is Windows Terminal SSH?

Ans. Yes, the Windows Terminal has been built on the SSH protocol.

Q4. Why use PuTTY instead of SSH?

Ans. Because it allows users to access their files and emails stored at…